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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Weird Weekend

Waking up on Saturday I felt awful; like I was full of the flu.  I was being picked up with the boys to go to Sidney's sports day and end of year play.  It was hot, very hot.  We dropped Sid off before going to my in-laws.  We walked to the park to watch the races and Sid did very well after an initial stall of not doing the first race.  My only problem was that there was no shelter from the bright sun and I was baking.  Oscar even got to run in a race too.

After the sports day we went back to nursery and had a drink and something to eat before watching Sid take part in his end of year play.  He sang and danced his heart out and it was awesome to see him perform; something he loves doing anyway.  He sang along to Olly Murs, Katy Perry and the Frozan song, which is now his new favourite.

During this time I was progressively feeling worse,  so when we left we all went straight back to our house and had something to eat,  before I went to bed for a couple of hours.

When Leonie got home the in-laws left after looking after Oz and Sid for the afternoon.  The nurse popped in to give me my injection and then Ema and Dan arrived.  It was a different night than the usual ones we have with them, we chatted loads and were way more civilised.  We had an Indian takeaway and I had a couple of ciders.   I enjoy their company and they have been really supportive and great friends throughout.

On Sunday we woke up and I felt better than the previous day.  We had a fry up and relaxed; played computer games and just enjoyed the time that Ema and Dan were there before they left.  As the afternoon drew on I began to feel worse again and my right eye began to really hurt.  We watched the world cup final and it was a great match and I was happy that Germany won.  Shortly after we went to bed after an exhausting weekend.

It's weird that you can feel on top of the world one day and the next feel that all this has been ripped away from you.  On Thursday I felt so strong and unbeatable,  two days later and I was feeling exhausted and weak.  This last week has been a real rollercoaster, and a bit of a wake up call that I should really be taking it easy, I would like to say that I have learnt my lesson, and next week I will slow down, I need to.

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