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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Friday Full of Firsts

In the morning Leonie and I had some time to ourselves and we did a few bits around the house and I watched F1 practice for the British Grand Prix.  My mum and Sheila popped in for brew and a bit of GF cake.  Shortly after Jacqueline and John picked up Sidney from playgroup and then we went out to our local, The Brown Hare,  for lunch.  This is the first time I had eaten out since my operation.

I decided on a Chicken, Bacon and mayo Jacket Potato.  It was really good and I made sure to eat slowly so I could enjoy all of it.  The food went down well and as I had hoped, I did enjoy the meal.

I was confident I could manage some ice cream and decided on some mango sorbet and vanilla ice cream.  What came out was different from the picture on the menu, it was about three times the size of what I imagined it would be.  I took my time and finished the dessert, but at a cost; I felt very bloated.

I decided to leave and slowly walk home and sit upright to help digestion.   It took a while until the pain subsided and then I spent the rest of the day bloated.

In the late afternoon Louise and Rose came over and we planned for them to stay over.  The nurse came to administer the Fragmin and she recognised me from the paper column.  We had a chat and she was very nice. 

We had a late tea of sausage butties and then I tried my first alcohol since my operation.   I drank it really slowly and enjoyed having my first drink, so much so I managed another 2 cans although all night I was still bloated from the massive lunch that I was still trying ti get over.

After so many laughs we went to bed.  I was happy, after having eaten well and managed to have a drink as well.  I am moving through my recovery well and am looking forward to continuing through this and ticking a few more boxes and a couple more firsts soon!  Its been 2 weeks and a day since my operation and (touch wood) all is going well.

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