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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

That Friday Feeling

Over the last week or so the mornings have been proving difficult.  After I wake up I have about half an hour to get myself together before I spend some time on the toilet.  This can be between half an hour to an hour and isn't too pleasant.  But once thats over and done with I'm ready for the day.

During the day and quite randomly I also get a sharp shooting pain just above my left hip (nowhere near the wound site) and it can make me double over and wince in pain.  It can last a couple of minutes or much longer.  It's like an intense stich.  Throughout the day I have the same pain but I can cope with it as it is a dull ache.  Next week I will mention it to the oncologist.

On top of this I also sometimes get a pain in my chest when I eat and have to stop for a while until it passes.  However, all these are manageable and I would much rather deal with these in the short term and not have cancer. 

This morning I got an email to tell me I had won a competition to win over £500 of running kit, coaching and a race entry in October.  I have been entering a few competitions while I have been off and was really happy to find out that I had won.  I will need to go down to Surrey for a photo shoot next week and have an interview and they want me to blog about the experience and my training up to the event, I will keep you posted.

Both the boys have now finished school and nursery and this was our first full day together.  To help out the in laws were coming over for the afternoon and we had planned to go out for lunch.   We went to the local pub and I ordered a light bite gammon.  I began my meal and after about a third needed to rush to the bathroom.   I felt like being sick but couldn't.   I could feel a blockage but I couldn't shift it.  As I have no stomach I find it hard to be sick, but my mouth floods with saliva, so much that my mouth fills within seconds, I guess this is me being sick nowadays.

I went back to the table and spent the next 20 minutes running back and forth to the bathroom to try and shift the blockage but nothing worked.  I decided to go back home and asked the in laws to bring the kids back when they were ready.   On the way home I had to stop a few times to empty my mouth of saliva - it was horrible and continued for another half an hour once I got home.

Everybody arrived back home and the boys rode their bikes outside showing off to granny and grandad.  The rest of the day I needed to relax, I hadn't eaten anything all day and I felt very weak and shaky.  Friday really was the worst day by far, but tomorrow would be better as Leonie was on holiday and we would all be together.

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