Saturday, 5 July 2014

Lazy Week

On Monday Oscar went to school as per normal and Sidney went to playgroup.   This gave me and Leonie some time together and we used the opportunity wisely by watching some Breaking Bad; Leonie says I'm getting a bit obsessed with it.  We joined up to Netflix and got the final season along with some other shows that we wanted to watch.  In the afternoon when Sidney finished at playgroup we watched Frozen.

After school finished and Oscar came home we had a visit from Louise and Rose.  We had tea all together and it was a really pleasant day.

The following day both boys were out.   Leonie took Oscar to school and then my mum drove us to take Sidney to nursery.  As we needed a few bits, Leonie and my mum went shopping while I popped into work.  I felt like a celebrity, everyone wanted to say hi and check how I was.  I really enjoyed going In to work, even if it was only for a short time, but it was good to see everyone.

In the afternoon I went to see my GP, Dr Ravi.  He was interested to hear how I was doing and I explained that I had a bit of pain in my lower abdomen that was making it uncomfortable to sleep at night, so he pescribed me some Buscopan, along with a top up of Ensure and some GF food.  We took our time walking and it was nice to be out in the sun.

The weather continued to be good on Wednesday, so the three of us (Leonie, Sidney and myself) went for a stroll around the estate and I walked the furthest so far since my operation; it was slow and tiring but I'm glad to up and about again.

The eating had so far been going quite well with only a few times where I had to take a break from a meal.  It had been a little hit and miss but I generally felt good about eating and so far I had lost about 3kg since leaving hospital which isn't bad (I was back to my original weight).  For tea on Wednesday we had vegetable and bacon risotto.   About half way through my meal I didn't feel too good and shortly afterwards I was sick.  After a while I managed to finish my tea, but this was probably my lowest point and I was thinking "this is the rest of my life" and I wasn't happy.

I managed to get over that with the highlight of the day, moving from the spare room back to my own bed.  Never underestimate the healing power of your own home or bed.  Being at home enables you to relax much more and therefore heal yourself much better, even with the stresses of having two young children around,  I wouldn't change this for the world.   Having my family around me is so much better for me.

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