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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Family Fun and First Run

The weather was good on Monday so we took full advantage and went on a family adventure.  We just stopped off in town to get some crocs for the kids.  When we were looking around a lady approached me and asked to shake my hand.  I accepted but then thought I should apologise as I didn't recognise her.  She stopped me and said she only knows me from reading the Lancashire Evening Post and that she has been following my story in the paper.  She wished me well and told me I was an inspiration.  This isn't the first time that I have been recognized either.  But they all say that I inspire them.  What they don't realise is that these comments really motivate me to be stronger and fitter, so I guess its a good mutual benefit for everyone.

We drove up to Brock Bottoms near Beacon Fell and parked up at the picnic site.  We got the kids in their new crocs and decided to walk up the river Brock.  I really love this little babbling river and the surrounding valley and recommend it to everyone.  It's so peaceful and pleasant.  The river isn't deep but the water is crystal clear.   We all splashed around and when we found a sunny spot, we let the boys play while Leonie and I sat on the rocks skimming stones.  It is a world away from everything else and its these types of places that let you forget about all your worries and just be in the moment. I get this a lot while I run too, thats why I love running so much.  Running keeps you healthy, completely de-stresses you and just allows you to be you.  You don't need to run quick or fast, just go out and move, be alone and get close to nature.

When we got home, I arranged to go running that night with Lisa McLoughlin, we run together alot when we need training or just company and she has helped me a lot this year.  We set out and decided that a slow 5k was in order.  We started off slow and it felt comfortable so continued.  We did walk a couple of time but did the route in just under half an hour.  Towards the end my shoulders were hurting a little but I was holding myself rigid while running.  At some points it did feel like there was a concrete block around my midriff but all in all, a successful outing.  I'm glad I could get out, as I want to have a few races towards the end of the year and see where my fitness is going into next year and the Coast to Coast training.

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