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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Sidney Turns Four

The week started off quietly,  it was just me and Sidney on Monday and we got my bikes out and cleaned them up and did a little maintenance,  I even managed a 5 minute turbo trainer session before needing a sit down. 

Tuesday I drove Sidney to nursey, my first time driving since the operation and it went well.  Looking back over my shoulder is a bit of a struggle but overall driving was good.  I had got my independance back and won't need to rely on others for lifts (although having people helping out over the last couple of weeks has been appreciated).

On Wednesday it was Sidney's 4th birthday.   We took Oscar to school for his last day before going to pick up Sidney's bike.  He had wanted a builder bike for months and when we got home and the bike had been built we could hardly get him off it, he loved it.  We picked up Oscar from school, the last time of the shool year and we started to get ready for the party.

We were having a BBQ for his birthday with family and friends.   It was a good evening and Sidney was spoilt with loads of presents, lego, clothes, superhero stuff, a bit of everything really.  It was a tiring day and we finished it off with a drink or two while watching the opening ceremony of the commonwealth games.

Thursday was Sidney's last day at nursery, so Oscar and I had the day together.  After a slow and relaxing morning, in the afternoon,  Oscar rode his bike around while I had a walk.   Both the boys are loving riding their bikes, watch out Brownlee brothers, in 15-20 years it will be the Clark brothers at the games!  This was  even more evident when Sidney got home and the two of them were racing each other up and down the road on their bikes for hours,  I love watching them enjoying themselves, it puts a big smile on my face and im thinking that this summer holiday will be awesome together.

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