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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Awesome Weekend

The sun came out for the weekend and we started off the weekend with a good cooked breakfast before filling the paddling pool for Oscar, Sidney and Rose.  They got their costumes on and enjoyed playing in the water while the sun was out.   Leonie popped out for some shopping while Louise and I watched the children. 

After lunch Louise had an appointment so we looked after Rose and as it was such a glorious day we simply sat outside soaking up the sun.  I watched a bit of TV inbetween my stints in the garden, catching up on the F1 qualifying and also the Tour de France.

In the evening we had a delicious lasagne before getting ready for bed and having an early night.  It had been a completely relaxing day, but one to remember as everybody was in a good mood and had enjoyed the weather.

Sunday was due to be busy.  We went to church as it was Amelia's confirmation; a few people came to speak to me directly to wish me luck in my recovery and also to congratulate me on how well I had already done.  It was a good service which was delivered by the Bishop of Blackburn, one of his last as he due to retire later this month.

After the service, we went back to my sisters house to celebrate not only Amelia's confirmation but also Sheila's 40th birthday.  Dave cooked on the BBQ and we again sat in the sun and enjoyed a good time spent with family and friends.  We had a few drinks and plenty of food.  Just simply sitting in the sun with good company is really enjoyable and makes me happy and content.  If only every day could be so good.

We made our way home in time to get the boys to bed and also for the nurse to visit for my fragmin injection.  In the evening I was tired so watched the sport of the day to catch up before getting myself to bed ready for another week.  The weeks are ticking by quickly and my recovery is going well.  Soon I will out and about more and before I know it I will be back at work as if nothing has happened.

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