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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Back to Hospital

After dropping off the boys at school and nursery,  my mum took us to Hospital.  I didn't have an appointment, but I wanted to give the Critical Care Unit and Ward 11 some "Thank You" cards.  First of all we popped into the fundraising office at Rosemere to hand in our entry forms for the Cross Bay Walk in September.  We had a good chat and they told us that the Walk in the Dark which we took part in back in April had so far raised a staggering £54,000, so thanks to everyone who has sponsored us (if you haven't yet done so, you still have time,

Afterwards Leonie and my mum had  brew in the cafe while I went to visit Emma in chemo.  She is always so positive and she is also excited for this weekend as it is Erin's christening.  We had a good catch up before we left to go to the Critical Care Unit.  Unforrunately I didn't see any of the nurses who cared for me but we had a chat with some of the nurses who were there and they told us they would pass on the card and also my thanks.

Next up we went to Ward 11.  We saw the ward clerk first and she was happy to see me so well, she had made sure that all my food I received was GF while I was on the ward.  We saw the sisters and passed them my card and they were happy that I had visited.  While we were there we also popped in to Dougie and he looked a whole lot better than the previous week.  He announced to everyone that I was the "Miracle Man", only staying in for a week.  I promised him that I would keep in touch and we swapped numbers; it was great to see an improvement in his health.

It was difficult walking around the hospital as I got stopped a few times with people saying hello and asking how I was doing; again I felt like a celebrity.  We made our way home and dropped Leonie off to get a few bits from the shop.

John picked up the boys and then stayed for a brew.  We chatted and talked about plans to raise some more funds for Rosemere and my thoughts turned to the event we are planning for next year; our Coast to Coast Run.  It will take a lot of training,  but should be achievable.   On top of that John and myself talked about a cycling challenge, one which is run by a company on behalf of cancer charities, Unite & Bike against Cancer.  I would love to do a challenge like that, several days of cycling in a beautiful foreign country; I can dream!

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