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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Rollercoaster Recovery

Last week started off not too well.  Monday and Tuesday were a struggle with eating; trying to get the balance right is difficult.  Having to eat small amounts but also enough to satisfy my hunger and need to maintain my weight is hard.

On Tuesday I went back to the hospital and saw my Coeliac dietician, Dr Sharma.  He hadn't seen me since December and was shocked to read my notes and see what I had been through over the last 6 months.   Although he was also suprised at how well I looked and also at the movement that I had gained back, only having the operation a little over two weeks ago.

He explained that he had seen this cancer before, but never in someone as young as myself; he would expect this in patients who were 70 years old and above.  We went through my notes and he showed me some pictures of the tumour from the endoscopies.  He told me that the tumour was about 3.5cm and was protruding into the lower portion of my stomach,  if left it would have blocked the passage of food.   Also he explained that it was caught just in time; another couple of months and the outcome would have been very different.  This news puts the situation into a harrowing realisation.  If I had not gone to see my GP when I did, this situation could/would have been terminal.  I cannot believe how lucky I am.

On Wednesday,  things started to look up and as it was Leonie’s last day before going back to work we took Sid for a walk.  It was a pleasant day and really nice weather, I felt optimistic that my recovery was over the worst parts and my movement had gotten a whole lot better too.

With Leonie back at work on Thursday and the boys at school and nursery I took the opportunity to go for a walk.  My intention was to go for about 2-3 miles;  2 hours later I got home having covered 6 miles in the sunshine.  I felt awesome although tired.  I got home and had a bath and drifted off to sleep.

Friday I planned to go to work to see everyone.  I was only going to pop in for an hour or so but time ticked by and before I new it I had been there for over 3 hours.  It was good to see everyone.   Everybody at work has been really supportive and it was good to catch up.  I walked over to my in-laws and we had lunch out. I felt great and was enjoying the glorious weather that we were having.

In the evening Louise and Rose came for a quick visit and we all went to Cop Lane School Fair.  The kids loved it and even got to meet the Deepdale Duck (PNEs mascot).  Even though the week hadn't started great, by the end of the week that had changed and things were looking up

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