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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Ironkids Weekend

On Saturday it wasn't very nice weather wise,  continuous drizzle but the boys were really excited to be taking part in the IronKids race in Bolton.

John came to pick us all up and he drove us to Bolton town centre.   We arrived and parked up and the rain got a whole lot heavier.   We went to the start area and Oscar was running first.  Leonie ran with him and he was super quick and  finished with a big smile on his face.

Last year both the boys were amongst the youngest kids taking part and many of them were carried by the parents for some of the route, and in some cases all of it.  The run is 500m.  As a pushy dad I refused to carry them and told them that they had to run the distance themselves - and they did, although they both finished near the back of their races, I was so proud as they completed the race on their own.

This year was no different.   I ran with Sidney,  and although he was slow to begin with,  I told him to run faster, and he did, leaving me well and truely behind him.  In the last 100m he began to tire, but I encouraged him to continue
  He finished the race and ran straight into the tent to get out of the rain.  Again I was proud of my two boys! 

I had also run for the first time since my operation,  500m and I got beaten by a 3 year old and was knackered.   The boys collected their medals and Sidney met the Mayor of Bolton too.

After the race we came back home and I needed a lie down, it will take me a while to get back to full fitness.  In the evening Leonie’s family came over and we had a takeaway.  The boys cousin,  Thomas, stayed over too which the boys enjoyed.

Sunday we celebrated Sidney's 4th birthday with Leonie’s family and had a picnic at home, he opened up some presents and it was a good weekend, especially as we had Leonie with us for the whole weekend (she usually works on Saturday's).

I was feeling a whole lot better by the end of the weekend compared to the previous week.   Things were looking up for me.  I was getting over my conjunctivitis and cold sores and felt much stronger too.  I don't mind admitting that during the previous week I had been feeling very sorry for myself, but having an event like the IronKids really helped me to come around and appreciate having my wife and boys around me, Oscar and Sidney make me so proud every day and Leonie has put up with a lot recently,  in affect looking after three kids.  I appreciate everything she has done for me, she still refuses to let me do anything and waits on me so much, making sure I am ok and over worrying about me - but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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