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Monday, 31 March 2014

Productive Day

Both of us had a lie in on Saturday as the boys were staying at Sheilas.  We got up around 9.30 am and went to get the boys just after 10.  The boys had been good and we had a brew with my sister.  Sheila has been great picking up the boys and looking after them, sometimes at short notice too.  I dropped them all home and went to get my hired hand for the day, Lee, who was up to visit Laura.  Laura works Saturdays so he was free to give me a hand, he is a sparky by trade but is used to working building sites - a BBQ will be built this summer.

First up was to pick some bricks up from Deepdale, we got a boot load and dropped them back at my house and stopped off for lunch.  After a pit stop we went to Hutton to get some more bricks from Lauras mums.  After dropping these back at home, it was a few trips to my parents for flags.  One more call out for sand and we were ready to start laying the flags.

We only managed to lay 8 flags from the 12 but, it looks good so far!  I am really chuffed and Lee was awesome, as I carried a couple of bricks and trowled sand while he did all the heavy lifting.  It was a very productive day and I kept Lee well watered with some larger that we had left as I can't drink it.  It was good to be outside for the day and Leonie said I'm a bit hyperactive for about 24 hours after Chemo.  It looks like I caught the sun and I am feeling great, albeit fidgety and tired at the same time!

Leonie was off today so she was able to look after the boys while Lee and I sorted out the base of the BBQ.  Laura came over after finishing work to pick up Lee and we got the boys fed and bathed before going to bed.  We had an awesome tea, home made pizza.  I love making my own pizzas and put loads of veg and meat on; today we even had three cheese pizza as well.

After watching some TV, we went to bed early, but  I find it difficult to sleep after Chemo, so I lay in bed awake, and think about things.  I think about being able to run and cycle again, also other things like future holidays with Leonie and the boys and having fun with them.  I want to give the boys so much variety and let them grow up believing that anything is possible!  You just have to have the right motivation and will, and you can achieve anything.

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