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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Weekend Fun

Saturday was my first day looking after the boys on my own for a month and a half.  I always have the boys on my own on a Saturday, we call it Daddy Day!  Today was relaxed, we watched a movie in the morning, then we played with some Lego and did some painting, before having a go on the playstation playing Batman Lego.  Oscar loves playing on the computer, I told him that if he completes this game, he can get another one.  So naturally he is now obsessed with completing the game, currently he is about half way through.

In the late afternoon, my mum popped over for a brew, and we had nice chat.  Leonie came home and I cooked risotto, one of my favourites to make and eat, the boys are getting better at introducing more stuff into their "spicy rice", so it's getting easier to make it.

Leonie was due on a night out, so we had a quick catch up and I watched a bit of TV before having a early night.  I was knackered after having a good, energetic lads day, I love having the boys for a day, just the three of us.  Both the boys are my best mates, we get on so well and I can't wait until we can go for days out on our bikes or days in the lakes.  I would love it to have action lads when they grow up.

Sunday I woke up early, it was the start of the F1 season.  I was going round to Ray and Dawns house for breakfast and to watch the race.  I was knocking on their door at 5:45 am, the lights were out and I was sure the clocks hadn't gone forward or done something weird.  Shortly, Ray answered and apologised, he had fallen back to sleep, I felt really bad, but then again I had brought gluten free sausages and maple syrup.  We sat down and began watching the race.  About 5 laps in and the sky go was buffering, it did so for the majority of the race, but we watched it.  I love F1, and I like a fast paced life in general; I love running fast, driving fast, anything as long as its fast!  Over the next couple of months I expect things to slow down, I'm not entirely sure how I will cope, this is probably the most worrying thing for me at the moment.  We enjoyed our breakfast and everyone was complementary of the GF sausages. 

I was home just after 9 and then out again to go to church.  It is my brothers anniversary on the 22nd, so my mum asks for him to be included in the rememberance prayers.  David died 8 years ago, and I miss my older brother.  He was very stubborn, a Clark trait, but he was his own person. Although we were pals, I had only really gotten to know him in our adult lives.  He had made his mistakes, but we all do.  He was becoming a good friend and a closer brother, albeit in his own particular way.

After the service, we had a brew and chatted to a few people, a lot were asking how I was, and I saw some old faces from when I was younger, along with plenty of familiar ones.  My family have been attending the church at St Leonards for longer than I have been here, so we know a lot of people, and a lot of people are aware of our family.

In the afternoon, I had planned to get some bricks to start building the BBQ, but instead we had a nice unexpected visit from our friend Louise and her daughter Rose.  Louise even brought her running kit, she wanted to have a jog out with me, and her thoughts were that if I had cancer and was going through chemo and putting on weight she could keep up with me, but I showed her that it doesn't stop me, and it would take more than that to beat me; as my friend Stacy knows, I would need to be eating gluten as well!  Our guests stayed for tea, and I enjoyed our run out, again it just lifts me, psycologically.  Keep up with your normal life and you don't get down,  just keep going as normal as possible - take control and understand this is just another day like any other!

In the evening I was pretty tired after a busy weeekend, we watched a bit of TV and went to bed early.  That's over two weeks completed of chemo and its going well without any real problems.

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  1. You just can't let me have the Conwy Half Marathon victory over you, can you?! And I don't blame you... You like speed but I am definitely built for comfort.
    Great post Ricardo. I hope you have action boys too x