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Sunday, 23 March 2014


I have never seen such generosity from people.  I have been going into work everyday, business as usual and have been trying to get people signed up for the Rosemere Walk In The Dark ( on the 26th April.  As I was sat at my desk, a guy, Stuart Bennie, who works downstairs to me came and handed me a cheque for the charity.  It was for quite a sum of money amd I was completely lost for words, it was overwhelming the generosity of the Stuart, thanks.

So far about 10 people have signed up to do the walk with me and we have raised over £200 so far, you can sponsor us at JustGiving, search for "HRServices-Rosemere".  Thank you to everyone who has already donated, your generosity is outstanding.

After lunch, I found another gift on my desk, some GF cookies from Michelle (another good friend at work who is heavily pregnant).  I think people are turning into feeders, ensuring that I am well fed.  I don't mind at all, in fact I quite like eating and enjoy cookies, cakes and sweets - if people are wanting to feed me, I am happy to oblige, as long as I don't end up fat!

After work I was given a package from Anne and Gordon, it was filled with GF treats, crumpets and chocolate bars, ginger cakes and a good luck card for Friday (chemo day two).  Everybody has been so fantatsic and helpful in their own ways, signing up to walk from Chorley to Preston, donating to the Rosemere charity, helping with the kids or just being there as a good ear for both of us, Leonie and me.

Thursday I went into work as usual and I got everything as up to date as possible, ready just in case I need some time off after tomorrows chemo session.  In the evening, as usual, Laura and Zoe came over.  I look forward to Thursday night and having them over, its become a highlight of the week!  We just have fun together and talk rubbish but its also good to keep up with them.  We used to live next door to Laura and we lived in each others back yards, and Zoe was just down the road.  They were good times and we always had fun, mainly fuelled by alcohol, but a good time to remember, we called ourselves the SRM!

Tomorrow is day two of chemo, another day in the hospital, and well on the way with treatment.  I haven't been too bad, but Dr Mitchell did warn it could be worse.  I hope that it continues like it is, I can cope with this so far.  I am pretty much prepared for tomorrow, wonder what this cycle will bring?

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