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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Midweek Celebrations

Wednesday was just another day in the office, just getting on with things.  It's good to keep my mind occupied, mainly so I don't overthink the whole thing and dwell on it.  Also it's good to know that you have people to talk to if I need too, but most of my colleagues at work keep everything lighthearted.  In fact, as I have made light of the situation myself it puts other people at ease.  I tend to break the ice with a bad joke, I don't want people to be sorry for me or feel uncomfortable, but just to be normal, sure people will ask questions and I will answer them.   Working through the chemo treatment is definitely helping me.

In the evening we went to my brother-in-laws to celebrate his birthday.  The kids, as always, played together while all the adults chatted.  Anne (Dave's mum) always makes me laugh and she is a good, kind person, Anne was very complementary of the blog and newspaper article.  Loads of people have been, which makes me happy, considering this is just my journal. 

We had some cake (gluten free lemon slice for my mum, Sheila and I - yep we are all coeliacs) and tea, then it was time to drag the boys away, which is always difficult when they are having fun with their cousins, tempers flared and tantrums played out, which continued on the journey home and through to bedtime, kids have a way of keeping you focused on reality.  They are generally very well behaved but they do have their moments.

That evening,  although I have probably taken more tablets in the last two weeks than the rest of my life put together, I almost forgot to take my medication.  It was after 10pm that I remembered.  My tooth ache hadn't eased since Friday, but the pain was manageable - until now!  I have to eat before taking my chemo tablets, so I was having a banana, and found it difficult to firstly open my mouth, and secondly to chew, a banana!  I looked in my book and checked if I should ring oncology.  It was advised that I should call them, but decided that I would do it first thing in the morning, as I was getting tired and it was getting late.  It took me a while to get to sleep, but finally sleep took over.

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