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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Mothers Day

After sleeping very little throughout the night, I turned on my tablet to watch the F1, only to find out it was to be live an hour later.  I got out of bed and made Leonie a coffee and made sure the boys came in to give her the presents, DVDs of the three Lynda Carter Wonder Women TV series from the 1970s; classic.  After presents and cuddles I watched the F1 and it was a good race for me and my Fantasy F1 team.

Leonie's parents were due for lunch and we were having slow cooked ham and roast trimmings, one of my favourites; although it was mothers day, it seems as though I was being treated by Leonie!  Shortly after lunch I watched my team Everton beat Fulham, keeping Aresnal honest in fourth place and closing the gap!

It was an awesome lunch and its good to see family.  After the football, we left to go to my sister's to see my mum.  We arrived and were given drinks and sat out in the garden enjoying the sun,  it soon became a little chilly so we moved inside.  My sister, Shelia, hadn't been seen much as she was organising the afternoon tea.  We enjoyed sandwiches and cakes, all gluten free.  The cakes were tasty, coffee sponge, orange cheescake, chocolate cake and lemon drizzle cake, I tried them all, and they were all good.  Daves mum had also made a chocolate gluten free cake and as it was going spare, it was offered to me to take home.

The day was just what the doctor ordered, lots a family and plenty of laughs.  The afternoon at my sisters was entertaining and the converstions were funny.  The only thing that put a bad taste in the mouth was the literal bad taste I had in my mouth.  The cisplatin Chemo drug that I am given gives you a very metallic taste in your mouth which cannot be gotten rid of, whatever you try, and the taste is overpowering.

I ate loads of different flavours and nothing shifted this taste.  This is a lot worse than last time.   We got the boys home and away to bed, then we had another early night as my sleeping hadn't improved and I was getting really tired.

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