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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Leonie would not normally work on a Monday, but as it is chemo week, she has swapped her days so she can come with me on Friday.  This meant that Sid was at playgroup then Granny was picking him up for the afternoon, and Oscar was at school.  I asked Karyn if I could leave early to pick up the boys after school, she told me it wouldn't be a problem.

So it was just another day at the office, or so I thought.  I had a couple of meetings, and kept popping back to my desk.  Wherever I went, I found short hairs everywhere.  I didn't think where they were coming from until the early afternoon, when I scratched my chin and a few whiskers fell onto my desk.  I suddenly realised that it must be my beard.  I went to the bathroom and rubbed my beard, loads of whiskers fell out, then I rubbed my hair and a few came out. I dared not touch my hair/beard until I was back home.  I finished up at work about 2.30 so I could get to school in time, it was a bit stressful at work as we are a small team.  The two guys holding it all together, Mike and Matt, are doing a sterling job in pretty dire times, and keeping us treading water as a team, Thanks Guys!

When I got home, I decided to have a nice soak in the bath.  I washed my hair and relaxed.  I noticed lots of hair in the water and it was worse when I emptied the water.  I text Leonie to tell her.  When she got home I showed her and we agreed that a shave was in order.  I usually cut my own hair and do a number 4 all over then shave my stubble, I got a pretty damn good pair of clippers!  So I shaved it all as I would, although the beard went completely.  It didn't look any different to normal which was good, but I suspect it may all come off at some point.

I was saying to Leonie only a couple of days ago that the cancer and chemo didn't seem real as I feel ok, in fact feel good, and people have commented on how well I look, but now loosing some hair it does feel real for the first time properly.  It's strange that 17 days after chemo started, it only now feels like it's changing me, doing something!  I'm not upset about loosing my hair at all, it was on its way out anyway, I may as well get used to it as my hair line has been going backwards for sometime, this has just increased the rate I suppose, and anyway Leonie said she prefers it short!

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