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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Sleepless Nights, Lazy Days

On Saturday, as the boys were staying over at Grannys, both me and Leonie stayed in bed for a long time, finally getting up about 10am (even though we woke at 7am).  In total I had about 5 hours sleep so spent the morning lazing around.  Leonie had prepared me my medical breakfast of 10 tablets, to have along side my rice crispies.  I had a long bath before the boys came back, it was nice just to have a relaxing morning, the two of us, without any interruptions.   Don't get me wrong, I love my boys, but after a day of chemo it was appreciated.

My mum came over to check if we needed anything from a supermarket just as Leonie's mum was dropping of the boys.  My mum got some bits for us and as the afternoon drew on I needed to lie down, so went upstairs for a nap.  Then we had some tea and got the boys to bed before attempting to go to bed ourselves.  However, I wasn't able to sleep.  With the cocktail of drugs and a blur of a day under the influence of the drugs, I stayed wide awake until late again.

I was good, not really having any major sideaffects, heck it had only been 24 hours, but I was weary and couldn't sleep.  Tired without sleeping made me fuzzy and although I didn't do much, I just couldn't.  On Saturday particulary, I found it hard to interract fully with people for some reason, I kept myself in my head.  Sunday and Leonie was due back at work.  I was to have the boys, but my sister and mum had both offered to look after the boys.

We woke on Sunday and again I hadn't had much sleep, which is probably due to the steroids.   Leonie went to work and then my mum came over and we went into town for a little bit.  I bought myself a new picture for the hallway and we went to see mummy in work.  We all had lunch at home, before going to my sisters for the afternoon.  She kept me fed and watered and the kids all played.  We were even treated to a play written by her three girls, Amelia, Lottie and Evie, and starring all 5 of the kids.  Again it was great to have the support of my family and the kids are innocent so don't worry about you, even if the things going around your head aren't nice.  Having both Sheila and Dave with medical backgrounds is also kind of good as you get their professional take on the situation, probably something not many people get.  However, sometimes too much information can worry you more.

We went home, had some tea, the boys have been great, playing nicely and generally being well behaved.  They went to bed and we led on the sofa before attempting to sleep again.  The night was a bit easier on Sunday and although I didn't sleep all night,  I had more sleep than the previous two nights.

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