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Saturday, 22 March 2014

An Audience with...

Yesterday I was given a GF lemon drizzle cake.  I love cake and have always had a sweet tooth.  I used to work closely with Janet Thomas, but now we are working in different teams.  As I got to my desk, I found a large package wrapped in tin foil with a note on top.  Janet had baked me the cake and it really was good, you wouldn't be able to tell that it was GF, it was so moist, unlike other GF cakes which tend to be dry and basically fall apart.  If I had the money I would employ her as my cake baker!

The weeks are tending to drag a little, it seems ages ago that I was last at the hospital for chemo.  Today I was due back for an appointment with my oncologist, Dr Mitchell.  Both Leonie and I arrived in plenty of time, and sat in the waiting room.  I still look around and only see older people, I am always the youngest patient there.  We were called through and went to sit in the consultation room.  It seemed that a crowd of doctors and nurses walked in, there were only 4, but with Leonie and I in the small room, Janette (upper GI nurse) sat on the bed, Dr Mitchell and Claire (trials nurse) sat in front of us and another nurse stood.  It was like I was presenting to them, or being interviewed and all of them were hanging off my every word.  It was quite funny as all of them were so supportive and excited to see how well I was, but at the same time empathetic and sorry to hear I had some symptoms.   Dr Mitchell was pleased I had put on weight and was happy to tell me that all the signs were good.  They were all surprised to learn I was still at work, so I decided not to tell them that I had been out running.

All in all I was really happy with the whole chemo treatment so far, and from what they were saying, they were too, bring on the rest of the treatment, then the surgery to get rid of it, then I can move on from this and get on with the rest of my life.

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