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Monday, 10 March 2014

Tugging on the Thames

Saturday we woke and had a slow mornin  as the boys were all playing.  I had a shower and we left for the party.  It was Pauls 40th, he had hired a boat and we were going to tour up and down the Thames.  I had previously been on the Thames as a child on a narrow boat holiday with my family.  On that occassion, my twin, Janette, ended up in the Thames after trying to catch a duck.  Hopefully this time won't end the same way, I think 9 children were due to be on board!

It was a beautiful day, the sun was out and there was a slight breeze.  It was a glorious March Saturday.   We left the riverside at Caversham and headed towards Oxford.  The whole journey was so relaxing and tranquil.  We sat at on the front of the boat, drinkig cider and watching the Berkshire countyside slowly drift past, the boys (in fact all the children) were really good.  Sid even made a friend with Callie, a slightly older girl; he always likes an older girl!  He dragged her around the boat for the entire afternoon.  Both myself and Leonie agreed that this is what life should be all about, sat in the sun, watching the world go past, no rushing about but enjoying what the world has to offer.

Unfortunately the afternoon came to an end and no-body ended up in the water.  We made our way back to Amanda and Pauls, our base for the weekend.  Leonie had arranged to meet Becca and Ian, who will be getting married later his year.  We put the boys to bed and they went to bed so quickly, they must have been shattered.  We walked to the local pub to meet Becca and Ian.  Much of he conversation was around the wedding, but Ian and I share a passion for running.  He recently completed the Reading Half Marathon in a PB time, which he dedicated to me, thanks Ian!  I tried to get him to up his distance and join me in ultra running next year when I am back fighting fit - you have to keep your goals, just some readjustments in terms of time frames!  I told him about our plans to run coast to coast, he seemed suitably impressed.  They asked a lot of questions about the chemo and cancer and I am really quite open about it so have no problems answering questions.  At the moment, it is sitting quite easily with me.  I am coping well with the chemo and I am in no pain so can get on with most daily activities, it's just a case of simply getting tired more quickly than normal, let's hope the rest of chemo is like this, if it is, bring it on, I have no problems with it.

We were dropped back and everyone was going to bed, I got ready and led in bed wondering where Leonie was.  A few minutes later she came in and asked me to help her in the bathroom.  I thought she had broken the sink or something, but when we were in the bathroom, she revealed her finger covered in blood. I asked her to wash it so I could check it and saw she had sliced her pad off her finger, she explained she was getting her toothbrush out of the washbag and caught it on a razor.  We couldn't find the missing bit of finger and I washed it again, it would not stop bleeding.  I wrapped it up as tight as possible with a gauze and wound some tape around it.  We went to bed quite late, hopefully it will be ok by the morning.

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