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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Music Matters

Music is important to me, I enjoy listening to music and music helps me through crisis times or enhances everyday experiences.  My favourite bands are Radiohead, Mogwai and Slint.  I really like Mogwai and I always go back to Mogwai in times of distress for some reason, Mogwai are my safety blanket.

Eight years ago my brother died of pneumonia at the age of 29.  Just before he died, Mogwai had released an album, Mr Beast.  One particular song on that album I played almost on repeat for several weeks after David's death; it helped me through that difficult time.  The song is Friend of the Night and I recommend it to anyone, no words, just music - I urge you to listen and loose yourself in the music.

In January this year, Mogwai released another album, Rave Tapes.  At the end of January, we went to see Mogwai at Bridgewater Hall in Manchester, another great gig (I have seen them about 7/8 times). I really quite like one song in particular on the new album, it's called Remurdered.  The gig was on the Monday, as I found out about my cancer on the Friday.  This song has helped me through this time. I class Mogwai as my favourite band, for these reasons, they have helped me through two quite difficult times.  Now I am listening to Remurdered on repeat.

I did a full day at work on Friday and for a couple of reasons it was quite an exciting day.  Firstly I confirmed with the Lancashire Evening Post about a regular weekly column, focussed on health, fitness and well being.  I also get to promote any charitable events during the period that I write the column.  Secondly, my boss was pretty pleased with a piece of work I have been doing over the last week or so and hopefully we can start to implement it soon.  Lastly, I went to a gig with Dave at the Continetal in Preston.  The band were called Labasheeda (from Amsterdam) and they were supported by a local(ish) band India Mill.  India Mill were good, but one or two songs sounded a little to similar to U2, which was a disappointment as I don't like U2.  Labasheeda were promoted as sounding like Slint and Sonic Youth, and that is a good assessment of them, they were really good, I enjoyed the gig, both bands were good, but Labasheeda were right up my street.

It was relaxing to get out for a night and socialise.  It took my mind off things and I felt normal, the only thing missing was Leonie, otherwise a good night out.  I got home pretty late and was knackered.  Tomorrow I have the boys on my own for the first time since finding out about the cancer, lets hope I'm on form and the boys are well behaved.

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