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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A Sunday Slice

We got up around 8.30 and Leonie asked if I could check her finger, so we unwrapped the dressing from last night and as soon as we did the blood flow returned, no arguing she was off to hospital! Paul took her while Amanda and I got the boys ready.  No sooner were they dressed it seemed and they were back, with a well dressed finger.  She has to dress it for a week and it should be fine within three weeks.  The patient becomes the doctor.

As it was warm I decided to catch some sun, top up my vitamin D.  I stood in the garden drinking in the suns rays, and it felt like I got some energy, it was fantatstic to stand there, I felt like Superman, getting his powers topped up!  To take advantage of the glorious weather we decided to take the boys to the local park.  It was a really good example of a park to be honest, small stuff for the kids, climbing frames for the school kids and then teenager swings and zip line type stuff. I enjoyed the basket swing and I am contemplating getting one, it was seriously comfy and I could lie in it for a summer of surgical recovery.

After a quick lunch it was a drive back home.  Same as the way down, John drove me, and Leonie and the boys went with Jacqueline.  We met up at Stafford services and had some tea, the boys were treated to a happy meal box and the adults had a coffee or orange juice. It was a race from the services back home, John and I won which was surprising.

We got home and I had received a card from Japan, I love these cards, they are so detailed and put our British cards to shame.  They are mostly pop up cards and are really intricate.  It was from my brother-in-laws brother, Ian, and family and wished me strength for May 5th, Japans Boys Day.  We went to bed early as we were all pretty tired after a fun weekend in the sun.  Hopefully there will be plenty more this year, the weather really does help to lift the spirits and we had had a good weekend which was helped by the glorious sunshine.

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