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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Welsh Visit for the Weekend

Welsh Visit for the Weekend The weekend started off a bit differently from what I had expected, firstly we woke up earlier than expected as the boys were in bed with us, which wasn't planned.  They were due to stop at Granny and Granddads, but as the chemo was cancelled we wanted them back home.  We got up and dressed and took the boys out for a walk in the sun as it is my brother’s anniversary on the 22nd March, so we walked to his grave.  We visit it sometimes as it is near the park that the boys like to go and play at, but as we arrived the weather turned and it was a rush back and unfortunately no park fun for the boys.  Instead we marched them home in windy and wet conditions.

When we got home, we warmed up and planned a day of cleaning.  I helped out intermittently but Leonie cleared up and I vacuumed while playing on the PS3 with the boys; Oscar is still determined to get another game and his Lego obsession is relentless.  Leonie even had time to dye her hair a dark red which suits her and looks good!  We were due to have Ema and Dan to stay over.  Both of them have been great and we keep in touch every couple of days.  Ema is really supportive and fiercely loyal, Dan is entertaining and surreal.  They arrived about6pm and Leonie was just finishing some bits up.  I'm kind of glad that I didn't have the chemo as I get to spend some fun times with these guys.  As we put the boys to bed, they both cooked an awesome lasagne for us all.  We ate and then drank and just sat chatting and laughing.  It was late as we went to bed, we all had had a few drinks and it was a good night.

We woke in the morning while Ema and Dan stayed in bed a little longer, the boys had their breakfast.  Sid was due at his friend’s birthday party, I took Leonie and Sid while Ema and Dan cooked us a chicken roast dinner.  When we got back we ate like kings and Leonie made a GF apple crumble.  Ema and Dan left and we just relaxed in the afternoon. 

It was a really good weekend, relaxing and I was able to take my mind off things.  It all seems a little unreal, as I feel like this is happening to someone else and not me.  The most annoying thing about the treatment and side affects is finding short hairs in your food, as my hair keeps falling out, I feel a little trepidation having a shower as I tend to spend more time washing my body to remove the stray hairs, rather than washing myself!  But if that’s all I have to worry about then so be it, this is minimal to what could be happening, listening to other peoples stories, so I count myself lucky.

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