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Saturday, 28 June 2014

There Is No Place Like Home

After leaving hospital on Thursday,  we went to pick up Leonie from work.  On the way we stopped at McDonald's and I got a large fries, my favourite,  unfortunately though I couldn't finish them.  We went into to see Leonie as a surprise and she, along with her colleagues were surprised to see me.

We got home and the boys were waiting for us with grandad,  it was good to see them and be home.  In the evening our friends; Laura,  Zoe and Lisa came over and we all had a few laughs and a catch up.

I decided to sleep in our spare room for a few days until I had recovered more; I didn't want to be kicked in the stomach by the boys accidentally if they came into bed during the night!  I got a reasonable nights sleep but woke up every couple of hours expecting a nurse to take my obs; it didn't happen!

Friday I had the day to myself,  Leonie was working,  the boys at school and playgroup, so I took the chance to catch up on TV that I had missed while in hospital.   I didn't get dressed and just relaxed all day.  Leonie picked up the boys on her way home and we enjoyed an evening relaxing even more before having a further restful night.

It is so much better being back home with my family and being in my own home, I can relax and concentrate on getting back fit and healthy.

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