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Sunday, 22 June 2014

#nostomach #nocancer

I was up and washed quite early for a holiday (sic) and I managed to wash and dress myself.  Shortly afterwards I walked (shuffled) with assistance about 30 metres.  I was over the moon and really happy.  This really did set me up for the day.  However, after about an hour sat in my chair I had to have some help getting back into bed as I was getting weary.

It was also Dougie's birthday today and it is unfortunate that he has to spend his birthday in hospital, but as we keep saying to each other, we are recovering and we will all walk out of here.

I spoke to Leonie, Janette and mum on the phone and gave them all an update about my walking news.  The doctors also did a ward visit and agreed to have the NG bag removed, but the tube would stay for a further 24 hours.  Shortly after I had a surprise visitor.  Janette blagged her way in to the ward to visit outside of visiting hours.  It was so good to see her, she was the one who I had been missing from seeing before the operation, so we had a good catch up.

Janette left around lunch time and it wasn't long before she came back with Leonie and the boys.  When I saw Oscar and Sidney it brought a tear to my eye, it was so good to see my two best mates again!  They brought me a DVD player and some films but at the moment, my day is pretty full reading the magazines, books and papers I seem to be collecting.

Louise and Rose Bee also had come to visit and it was a full house over on our ward.  It was great to feel normal again for a few hours and have family and friends visit.  Sitting on a hospital bed for hours can be very boring, luckily me David and Dougie chat.  Stephen had left our ward and we were joined by the Master Deep Sleeper himself, Mohammad.  He was the same guy from ICU and when he slept it not only sounded like a train, it felt like one too, and he sleeps for about 22 hours a day.

In the evening Leonie, my mum and Janette came to visit.   I had quite a few visitors throughout Saturday and was feeling pretty worn out.   I needed to sleep and was fortunate to get some ear plugs and face mask.  I fell asleep in a good mood, ok I didn't have a stomach any longer but I also didn't have cancer, back of the net!

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