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Monday, 23 June 2014

Day 3 #nostomach

It's hard to stay asleep long on the ward, the blinds are thin so let in the sun and it's a hive of activity.  Another early morning wash, dress and walk.  Today I went to the end of the ward and back (about 100m) unaided, I surprised myself.

Shortly after the doctor visited me and agreed that the NG tube should be removed and I could start drinking 30ml an hour,  not much but a start.  The nurse extracted the NG tube (about 60cm) and I have never felt such relief. 

When my afternoon visitors arrived (Leonie, the boys and Janette) they said that I looked a lot perkier,  and I felt it too.  I walked to the end of the ward again with the boys, it was good to be moving much more freely now.  I was fully aware that it was pain free due to epidural,  and they had talked about this being removed over the next couple of days and that made me anxious,  at the moment I was happy to have no pain.

During the visit I played some games with Oscar and then he read to me, Sidney coloured in some pictures.  Whatever they do though makes me smile, and I think I'm the luckiest guy in the world to have these two little characters in my life.

The afternoon was slow but we had a chat on the ward, David, Dougie and myself while Mohammad slept.  The nurses, students and assistants are all really good and attentive, and they join in for a natter too.  I have made a few friends, Edward and Tom, Pat, Hannah, Becca and Donna.  Edward and Tom like sports, Pat has a lot of stories to tell, Hannah likes comics and Becca and Donna are good for a chat and couldn't help enough.

My evening visit began with Shelia, Dave and the three girls.  I have never been quizzed so much.  Evie looked a bit shocked and was the most intrigued.   They brought me a card and a green loom band.  Sheila and Dave were pleased to see me so well.  Karyn came to visit too and while she was here she updated me about the gossip from work and there was an awesome photo opportunity for her too.  My mum and dad came for a while too and it is good to see them,  I think they were pretty impressed with my determination and recovery so far.  At the end of a busy day I was able to walk them to the end of the ward and say goodnight before settling down in bed for the night.

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  1. Amazing spirit! Please stay so positive because I'm sure your determined mindframe will help your recovery. Thinking of you x x x