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Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Waking early seems to be my thing in hospital, and today I was rewarded for it to.   I saw the doctor who advised to  up my drinking to 60ml an hour and I could also have half a cup of tea.  She also said to remove the epidural and manage the pain with paracetamol and dihydroclordine.  I went for a walk to the end of the ward and thought about coming off the epidural, in all honesty I was worried it was too much too soon.

Later in the morning they came round and removed the epidural, which when looking at it, is very small.  They then removed the catherter.   This was such a relief and gave me so much more freedom.  I celebrated with a walk to the end of the ward.

David was moved off the bay to another further down the ward and we visit each other for a chat.  Dougie took a bad turn and was diagnosed with a chest infection,  I hope he perks up soon, he deserves a break.

My mum and dad visited in the afternoon slot and brought me a card and balloon,  it was at this point that I noticed the glorious weather outside and became immediately jealous.   I again walked to the end of the ward,  but with no epidural it has become more of a shuffle.

Inbetween my visitors the nurses came and took my bandages off.  This is the first time I had seen the full scar, 27 staples.  I was anxious to see Leonie for late visiting and show her the scar.  They haven't recovered the scar, but they sprayed it with a plastic.

Leonie and her mum visited and I showed them my neat new scar, I think it looks really good.  After they left I read for a while before dropping off to sleep.  The pain, although I am much more aware of it now, can be managed with the paracetamol,  which amazes me.  Another busy day on Ward 11.

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