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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A Sunny Day with My Family and Friends


  1. Glad you started writing again matey, its great just to read about your day 2 day as well as the more important stuff during your treatment. We said a prayer for those suffering during mass on Sunday & my thoughts were with you throughout. There was a poem in my church nes letter so I thought Id share. I hope thats ok? xxx

  2. Cancer is so limited:

    They've sentenced you with invisible cells that secret themselves deep in body recesses & multiply: Lymphatic assault on vital functions.
    Can cancer conquer you?
    I doubt it! for the strengths I see in you have nothing to do with cells and blood and muscle. For cancer is so limited:
    It can not cripple love
    It can not shatter hope
    It can not corrode faith
    It can not eat away peace
    It can not destroy confidence
    It can not kill friendship
    It can not shut out memories
    It can not silence courage
    It can not invade the soul
    It can not reduce eternal life
    It can not quench the spirit
    It can not cancel resurrection.