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Thursday, 12 June 2014

8 Years

We celebrated our 8th years of being married on Monday and although I worked, when I got home we had a nice meal that Leonie had made, slow cooked ham joint for me which was perfect.  As normal we got the boys to bed then we had a few drinks to celebrate, the big celebration will be at the weekend, when we have our annual BBQ.  The weather wasn't looking to good however.  The last eight years with Leonie have been great, we have had some awesome holidays with family and friends, or just by ourselves.  We have moved house and had two little dudes, Oscar and Sidney, it really couldn't have been more perfect, that was until January.

Although this cancer has been a bit of a struggle at times, Leonie has been my best friend, but more importantly my rock.  I wouldn't have been the person I am today without her, and certainly wouldn't have been coping so well if I wasn't with her.  Not only has been supporting me, but she manages everything so well, she is my own personal Wonder Women, I now know how Steve Trevor feels (geek alert!)

Apart from the last 6 months though, Leonie has been a great partner and back at university, our friends used to say that I was the male version of Leonie, and that she was the female version of me, we couldn't be better matched, and I love her so much. I am looking forward to the weekend so we can celebrate with everyone (almost) that we care about, and it usually a good get together anyway.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was at work.  On Tuesday there was the most awful thunderstorm that I have seen for some time, the car park flooded and I had to climb into my car through the back door.  When we got home, the garden was like a swamp at the back, and the front was also flooded.  If it continued throughout the week we would probably need to cancel the BBQ, out of the 7 years we have had the BBQ, only one of the years it rained, all the other times it has been glorious sunshine, I had hoped this year it would be the same, but today it didn't seem likely.

Wednesday brought back some better weather and it did dry up enough to mow the lawn, but it was still damp.  In the evening we tidied up the garden before relaxing and watching the final episode of season three of Breaking Bad, as my friend Rob said, it was epic and I can't wait for season four, but this will probably be after my operation.

In one week I will be in hospital enjoying my stay on the eve of my operation.  On Wednesday I had a chat with Luke at work and although I don't want to think too much about it, there is a slim possibility that I may not leave hospital and he wanted to make sure that the family, Leonie, Oscar and Sidney, would be ok.  This stark realisation made me think about this possibility, I hope that in 8 days time I wake up with no stomach as planned and then I can begin my recovery, but if I don't then I am sure that family and friends will help Leonie and the boys, financially they will be ok as we have insurance in place, but I do worry about this, and it was good to speak to Luke about it as I can't/don't want to speak to Leonie about it.  It upsets me a little and these thoughts are being pushed to the back of my mind while I concentrate on making this week count.

Tomorrow I have my pre-op assessment and I am sure that my fitness will not be questioned, but the tests will let us know how my body will be able to cope, and I am quite looking forward to it secretly.

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