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Monday, 16 June 2014

Anniversary BBQ

The weekend was almost here and on Friday it was a good day at work. Now the world cup has started, it was Football Shirt Friday. I wore an England top and everyone was full of good spirits in anticipation to Saturdays England game against Italy. I even got away with wearing shorts too! For lunch we were having a Jacobs Join, but unfortunately most of I couldn’t eat as it had gluten, I was Ok though and got a bag of popcorn as well as some nice cheeses and coconut macaroons. I even got a present from Emily who is on maternity leave and came in to visit.

When we got home we played “world cup” with the boys, basically we chose a country and it was two versus two. We won a cricket bat (instead of the world cup) for the first team to score three goals. It was so much fun and the boys loved it, and they also did a bit of geography too. In the evening we did a lot of tidying up ready for our guests at the weekend.

The following morning was much the same as the previous night, tidying and getting ready for the BBQ. It started off really bright in the morning but as the day went on the clouds came in; fortunately it was dry all day. Around lunch Ema and Dan arrived from Wales and I took Dan for a quick shopping trip for a few final bits. While we were there Dan was mistaken for David Beckham, a regular occurrence!

We started off with a glass or two of Bucks Fizz before anyone else arrived, I picked up Stacy and Luke from the station and when I arrived back there were quite a few arrived already. We had loads of fun and a lot of people arrived during the day probably around 30 plus plenty of kids, the BBQs did well. It was good to see so many people and have a good gathering before my operation. The party continued through to the football; we watched the England game and I was a little drunk, we enjoyed the game but England lost 2-1. I went to bed late and fully dressed.

Ema, Dan, Gemma, Sam and kids and Stacy all stayed over so we were looked after in the morning with everyone pitching in, we had breakfast, got the kids up tidied up all pretty well. Later in the morning Paul even helped change my tyre on the car as I found a screw in the wheel when I took the bins out. This made us a little late for Sheila’s birthday meal, but it was soon forgotten about as we enjoyed a meal for her celebration. Sheila’s birthday is on Wednesday, but that’s the day I go into hospital so went for a big family meal to San Marco. They were very accommodating for the three coeliac’s; my mum, Sheila and myself. It was fathers day too so my dad got some cards from us and its funny that I see my dad in me quite a bit. As we left Ann gave me a little bag. I was given a card and some bags of sweets as well as a nice little gift. The card read on the front “Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You” and I will remember this over the next week.

As it was fathers day we went to see Leonie’s dad as well and had a brew while Oscar did his homework. Leonie is staying with them on Thursday while the boys stay at Sheila’s and I recover from my operation. In the evening we watched a bit of football and went to bed early.

I struggled to sleep and had a bad night. I was thinking of the next couple of weeks and how daunting it is. I have to admit I am a little scared and apprehensive. The operation doesn’t bother me too much but thinking about the period soon after, I wonder how difficult it will be, with a couple of days “Nil by Mouth” and then the learning to eat and control my diet afterwards. I stayed awake a long time thinking and worrying myself about what it will be like before finally getting to sleep.It was a good weekend and had been a lot of my focus over the past few weeks, but now I have the operation looming and I just hope it all goes well. We have planned what the boys are doing and when Leonie can come and visit. I need to be around people and I want Leonie and my family to be with me and come to visit when possible. All of my family have been really great and they are all pitching in with the kids and helping Leonie. I only have a couple more sleeps before going into hospital, but then they will have the cancer out and I need to concentrate on my recovery.

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