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Saturday, 21 June 2014

19th June 2014

I went done to anesthetic at 11.15 am.  First thing to be done was the canula, which I never find to be a problem and today was no different.  However, by the time I had the arterial line in I was shaking quite badly with nerves, so they gave me some drugs to calm me down.

The arterial line was painful and the needle alone was a couple of inches long.  I was sat up on the bed for all of this as I was also being prepared for the epidural which goes into the back.  I don't actually remember the epidural going in, but the last thing I do remember was the time being 12.15.

I woke up around 5pm and was in and out of consciousness for an hour before I fully came round.  I don't remember much of the next two hours, but I do know I was in recovery and waiting for a space in the Critical Care Unit or ICU.  When I was finally transferred at around 8pm I was lucky enough to have a window slot.

I was introduced to my nurse Fiona and she was really good, however shortly after it was all change as the night shift came on, my new nurse was Caroline who was also very nice.

Leonie and my mum came to visit me and were a little shocked at how well I was doing, I even managed a few jokes.  It was time for them to leave as I entered a pretty sleepless night, not because of pain but more my next door neighbour who was either snoring really loudly or moaning and wailing -great!

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