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Saturday, 21 June 2014

CCU To Ward 11

After a pretty terrible night and some serious lack of sleep due to a moaning, wailing and loud snoring neighbour I was fully awake with the sun.

During the night I had some drip into my canula (possibly magnesium) that really did cause some pain and swelling in my forearm so they moved the drip pretty quickly to the central line and it was much more comfortable, the pain disappeared and the swelling in my arm went down.  As I hadn't really experienced any pain up until this point, the most distressing part was not being able to move at my legs at all.  I could wiggle my toes but had no feeling or movement from the ribs downwards.

I had to be moved upwards on the bed by the nurses and I felt weak.  However, the main thing was that the cancer had been removed.  In the morning Leonie and her dad came to visit me and that perked me up a bit, a little later I had more visitors, my mum, Sheila and Dave.  I think Sheila was a little apprehensive about seeing me, but I was doing well and felt good considering I had had a major operation less than 24 hours ago.

I wasn't feeling hungry but I was still nil by mouth and I was thirsty, I was dreaming of a milkshake.   I had an NG (nasalgastric) tube in and this was quite irritable.   Every time I swallowed I had a pain at the back of the throat. 

The nurses were doing a fantastic job, and Fiona was great.  Chris Ball, my surgeon, came to see me and told me that the operation went as well as it could have and that there were no problems.   He even hoped that I could leave CCU sometime today.  I also saw his colleague Mr Ward who agreed I was doing well.  After a good morning my arterial line and central line came out and I had a bed bath.  With the help of the physios I made it from one bed to another before being taken up to ward 11 which would be my home for foreseeable future.  I had some pals on the ward, David; Dougie and Stephen.   I also had a good view of Preston.

After settling into my new home, my mother in law came to visit as well as my mum and dad.  All were pleased to see me and were impressed by my progress.  Within 24 hours I had had my tumour and stomach removed and moved from intensive care onto the ward.   I was feeling great and had some good ward buddies too.  I was introduced to the new nursing team and fell asleep.  The day had been long and I was tired.

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