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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Last Days in Hospital

The last couple of days have been drawn out.  I have felt really good and just wanted to get home and relax.  I also knew that this wouldn't happen until I had been eating well for at least 24 hours and everybody had signed me off (doctor, surgeon, dietician and physio).

They wanted to send me home yesterday, and I would have probably gone as well until Leonie made the point that I had only eaten one meal and she would have preferred me to eat a few more meals to ensure there were no complications.

I also have to remember that I was in intensive care less than 6 days ago.  Throughout my stay though I have felt great, but I have been helped so much by the medical teams and also spurred on by all the support I have received. 

I have made some friends too, some nurses and some patients; listening to Dougie and David talk makes me smile,  hearing the stories that they talk about.  David left hospital yesterday, it will be a while for Dougie and I hope he makes a good recovery.

For breakfast yesterday (my first meal as it was) there was a mix up in the kitchen regarding my Coeliac diet so I ended up with Bacon and Eggs with a few slices of GF toast.   I gave it a good go and ate about half of it.  The whole ward was pretty jealous of my breakfast,  some of the staff too!  It was good to be able to eat and the hospital food isn't too bad at all.

During the day I have been happy to read magazines and papers that people have brought for me, and in the evening I tend to watch a movie on a DVD player that I have borrowed.   I have been doing some puzzles too.

My day in hospital is regular; wake up between 6-6.30 and have some medication.  Get out of bed and wash/dress while the nurses change my bed.  The cleaners then come in to wash the beds and mop the floors.   Breakfast is between 8-9, during which time the ward doctors visit.  Over the rest of the morning, specialists visit (surgeons, physios and dieticians).  Lunch is served between 12-1 and more medications straight after.  At 2.30 we have visitors until 4, then a quick nap until tea at 5 with meds again and further visitors at 6-8.  Medications again around 9 and lights out at 10.30.

Yesterday I was told I could go home today, so we arranged that my mum would pick me up around 4.30pm.  However,  today they needed the bed so around 10am I was dressed and had moved my belongings to the family room.   I waited in there all day and watched either news or Wimbledon.   At 2.30 I had my last visitors,  Luke and David from work.   They made me laugh so much my wound began to hurt,  but it was great to see them.   My mum arrived and I said my goodbyes to the staff.

Unbelievably I was leaving hospital within 7 days of having major surgery.   My stomach had been removed, a total gastrectomy.   In some way it is bewildering how the human body recovers so quickly after such invasive procedures.   I am really happy to be getting home and I just hope that everything continues to be such plain sailing.

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