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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Slowing Down

After the last couple of weeks of being non stop I feel a need to start slowing down and resting more. I want to do things that I enjoy like running or cycling but at the moment it’s out of the question as I am becoming more exhausted, but this means it’s also a little depressing. I am gutted that I can’t just go for a run like I used to, and seeing peoples status updates on Facebook about them going for a run or taking part in a 10k/half marathon just hits home that I would struggle at the moment to even run a 5K. So when I saw a status update from a friend about wanting to get started on doing some fitness I jumped at the chance to offer some help. I contacted Leanne Whitehead on the back of a (probably off the cuff comment) about getting fit. She had her third child about 3 months ago, I offered to send her a training plan. I set up DC Fitness Planning on Facebook late last year, but due to the circumstances had not really done anything, but as I don’t have the energy to do it myself, I found that doing Leanne’s plan motivated me in some way. Leanne also agreed to have a think about taking part in the Preston 5K in September, so I hope she uses the plan and builds her fitness to take on the 5K challenge. On the back of this I did a second training plan for Lisa McLoughlin, she had been asking for a training plan for a few weeks, but I kept putting it off for one reason or another. I eventually sorted a half marathon training plan for Lisa. I sent them both off to the respective “clients”. Not being motivated myself to run due to having no energy, I suppose I can put my knowledge of running and training plans to some good use in my downtime and help others keep fit and take on challenges themselves, so if anyone wants a training plan doing for them, contact me and I will help out.

On Saturday mornin I received a parcel from my tein sister, Janette, with some Nakd bars, these are gluten free fruit bars and are delicious, I ate them quite a bit, so getting them in the post made my morning, one was eaten oretty quickly, the other I will save for my lunch at work.  I spent most of Saturday afternoon doing the plans while the boys watched “Batman Forever”. When Leonie got home from work, we planned to have a family picnic in the living room and all get in our pyjamas to watch Britain’s got Talent. I went to get some pizzas and we sat on some blankets and enjoyed a bit of family time while eating pizza – it was a good evening. Once the boys were in bed, Louise text to see how we were doing, a few more texts and half an hour later she had come over and we all sat in our PJ’s watching the most ridiculous Eurovision Song Contest where a bearded lady from Austria won the competition; the world is a strange place. We had a few drinks and laughed … a lot!

After probably a few too many we went to bed. Leonie was working Sunday as well, so when we got up Leonie had to leave so we did some jigsaws with Louise before she left, then it was another daddy day. We read comics and played a bit of football, played outside (although it was quite windy) and watched the fast cars (Formula 1) and then I let the boys watch another Batman (Batman and Robin this time – I think this is possibly the worst Batman by far – need I say anything other than Mr Freeze?).

Hopefully we can get an early night, so I can catch up on my sleep, I am getting more than the recommended 7 hours a night, but it just isn’t enough at the moment. This week I will finish with the Chemo medication and then it will be a break from all medication until the operation, In one way I can’t wait to have a day where I don’t take tablets, but at the same time, it just means the surgery is just round the corner, and that I can wait for, but for now it also means I am almost a third of the way through the treatment. It’s a slow process but I am heading in the right direction and I have a scan a week on Monday which will let us know how effective the Chemo treatment has been so far. I am hoping for good news following the scan, but will have to wait and see.  

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