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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Happy People

Today I only worked half a day, and it was busy.  Due to sickness and holidays we are currently short staffed and one of the team had a break-in so had to leave.  This left a very skeleton team to cover and I was due to leave half day to have a oncology appointment.  Luckily just as I was leaving Rob called to say he was on his way back to work, but unfortunately his bike had been stolen.

I left work and went home to collect my things and have some lunch.  I wasn't home long before leaving again to pick up Leonie from work and going to the appointment.  It was chaos at the hospital as it was visiting time and all the car parks were full.  We waited about 15 minutes just to get in the car park, before luckily driving straight into a space.  I wanted to see the guys at the Rosemere Charity office, but we didn't have much time so just dropped off a few more entry forms.

In the appointment was Dr Mitchell, Claire and Janette, the trials nurse and upper GI nurse.  We had a general chat about the symptoms I was having. They were all very happy that I had put on weight, my official weigh is 59.3KG.I mentioned that I was still working and going running,  and Dr Mitchell was impressed with how well I was doing.  It was good to have an open chat about what was happening.

The conversation then moved onto the plans for surgery and we worked out that I would be having another CT scan around mid May and the surgery towards the end of June.  They told me that it would all be officially booked in once I had my final Chemo session.  So it would depend on when I had the Chemo, which in turn depended on my bloods which would be taken next Wednesday before my next Chemo session.

All this talk of the surgery and next steps makes it all the more real.  We chatted about the recovery and they would expect a couple of days in intensive care, followed by a couple of days in high dependancy,  I would then spend a week on a normal ward.  They would expect me to leave hospital after about two weeks.  I asked them about running afterwards, they told me that I should be able to start running about 6 months after having major surgery.

They were very happy with my current progress through the Chemo treatment, and this made me happy too, although I am still a little worried about the surgery, but less so now after some comforting words from the team.  After our appointment, both me and Leonie went to leave, but they took Leonie aside amd asked if I really was as well as I described, she told them that I was coping well!

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