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Monday, 14 April 2014

Eventful Weekend

Leonie was working on Saturday so I was up early with the boys and we watched a bit of TV as we had our breakfast.  My sister, Janette, and her family were visiting from Wiltshire for the weekend and they were due to come over about mid morning.  They arrived and I took Pete, Janette's husband, to collect some flags (for the BBQ).  I had hoped to get them laid as well, but the weather was cold, and to be honest I didn't feel like laying the flags, but at least I have what I need ready to start building.  

After getting the flags I nipped out to get some lunch for everyone.  Janette had been looking after all the kids; Oscar and Sidney, and her two children, Arthur and Alice.  In the afternoon we let the kids play, while we had a catch up, Pete needed to do some shopping so went to town.  The kids were running all over the house and playing with all the toys.  In the late afternoon they  left to have tea at my mums.

Ema and Dan were coming for the evening and to stay over.  My sister and Pete also joined us for a indian takeaway and a couple of games of pictionary.  Although it's not rock n roll, we all had fun.  Janette and Pete went back to my mums, but the drinking continued.  It's really good to have Ema and Dan come so often, they have both been really supportive.  If only they lived closer to us!

When we were up on Sunday morning, a little worse for wear, we started watching the London Marathon, hopefully we would see our friend Stacy.  Although marathons take a long time, I find that watching the London Marathon is exciting, especially when Mo Farah is debuting at the marathon distance.  Unfortunately Mo didn't win and we didn't see Stacy, but it was still good to watch, and I'm really proud of Stacy for doing it!

In the afternoon after Ema and Dan left, John (father-in-law) came over.  We had planned to do a practice walk, ready for the Walk in the Dark on the 26th April.  We were going to walk from my house to his house, approximately 6 miles.  It was a nice day, the sun was out and it was warm, but a little breezy.  John had been training for a couple of weeks on the treadmill, but now it was time to pound the pavements.  We had an enjoyable walk across Preston, taking in some of the sights, the river Ribble, St Walbergs church, Deepdale football ground and Moor Park.  We completed the walk (5.5 miles) in one and a half hours and John was really chuffed, and it gave him the confidence he needed to believe he can do the 10 miles in 2 weeks time.

The evening we spent chilling out and relaxing, ready for my three day week until the next Chemo session on Thursday and then Easter weekend and a bank holiday.

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