Sunday, 20 April 2014

Cancelled Chemo

As Chemo was cancelled, and everyone was on holiday, we all had a lie in and then a lazy morning.  Once we had gotten up and dressed the laziness continued and eventually we left to have some lunch out, just the four of us.  On the way I stopped to get the paper as the article I wrote over a week ago was to be featured in the LEP.  We went to have a pub lunch at the Anderton Arms in Fulwood.   I like it here, as I know which meals I can eat; which meals are gluten free.  After a nice lunch in a busy pub I left Leonie and the boys as it was a short walk from the pub to the in laws.  I went to visit Emma at Rosemere as she was having Chemo today.

I went up to the day ward in Rosemere and they wondered why I was there.  When I explained that I was visiting Emma, they told me that she was taking a nap and asked if I could come back in a while.  I went down to the charity office to see the fundraising team and I had a few questions for them.  When I went in I met Laura and Rita.  We had a good chat and we always have a bit of a laugh.  Everyone is very excited for the Walk in the Dark and they were telling me about the final preparations for the event. 

Shortly afterwards I went back upstairs to the ward to check if Emma had woken.  She was just waking up as I arrived so I stayed for a while.  I met Emma's mum and we had a long chat putting the world to rights and generally catching up and getting to know each other.  Emma was glad to have Erin home, and her husband was looking after her today while she was I hospital.  I saw Jo as well and she was getting ready to go on holiday to South America.  While I was talking to Emma, she mentioned how helpful she had found Macmillans, and suggested I go and see them about some financial help.

After visiting Emma, I made my way down and thought that I would try and catch a Macmillan rep.  I went into the office and the lady was really helpful and I found her easy to have a conversation with.  She was interested in my story and was happy to help with any information/advice she could offer and pointed me in the right directions where possible help could be found.  Overall I had spent about 2 hours at the hospital chatting to different people.  As I left I got a text from Leonie wondering where I was!

I picked Leonie up and we went shopping for a few bits for the walk next week (glow sticks) and a few bits for the garde;, fence paint and grass seed.  After what started as a lazy day had turned into quite a busy day going from one place to another.  We picked up the boys from the in laws and went home and had some tea, before Laura visited for the evening.  For a relaxing day off, it was quite active.  It was good to catch up with people and at the end of the day I was looking forward to my bed, and this was just the start of the Easter break!

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