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Monday, 28 April 2014

Lazy Days

After a pretty poor nights sleep, I got up with Sid as Leonie had taken Oscar to school and was glad I booked the day off work.  After the previous days Chemo I noticed some bruising on the backs of my hands and thought that the treatment is finally catching up with with me as it is taking longer to recover from Chemo and my body wasn't "taking it in its stride" so to speak.  It was a lazy morning and we stayed in our PJs until I finally got Sid dressed at about 11.  Leonie's parents were coming over to look after Sid so I could get some much needed sleep/rest.  After lunch I took myself upstairs and let the in laws take care of the kids while I tried to sleep, I managed a couple of hours before being woken as the district nurse had arrived.

Due to my low blood counts on the previous two Chemos it was arranged for me to have a boost to my bone marrow to help with my immune system.  It was a quick injection but the nurse needed to administer it.  After she left I decided to try for another nap as I was wiped out and weary.  When I got up a little later I got dressed and got us all ready for Amelia's 11th birthday party.  I remember her being born. Leonie and I were in Reading at the time, so we rushed back to see our first niece, it doesn't seem like it was 11 years ago!

At the party the family was there and it was good to relax and enjoy the company, as always the kids looked after themselves and ran about playing.  After the party we came back and got the boys to bed before having an early night ourselves in preparation for the late night that we were planning tomorrow.

On Saturday, again it was a lazy day, I watched a movie with the boys and we stayed in our PJ's again.  In the afternoon our friend Lousie came over with Rose as they were walking with us later that night.  Louise was fantastic and as soon as she walked in she went to the kitchen to start cooking our tea.  We had a good spag bol before taking the boys to my mums for the evening, then it was all systems go for the Rosemere Walk in the Dark!

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