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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

"The son becomes the father, the father becomes the son"

Sunday was to be another day of watching sport, another F1 and Everton vs Arsenal in a 6 pointer.  I was asked by my mum to help my dad change a ceiling light in the kitchen at their house.  As a dutiful son I went round, however instead of being my dads helper the roles were reversed.  My dad an electrician for his career helped as I changed the fitting in the kitchen, ok it isnt the best job but I did it.  My dad struggled mainly due to failing eyesight and the fact he refuses to wear glasses but he was stumped on some things electrical, which is down too his memory problems.  It started about 8 years ago and he suffers from dementia and over time you can see it becoming worse, however he is still in good spirits and currently I think both my mum and dad are managing.

The whole episode reminded me of the Marlon Brando quote from Superman; "The son becomes the father, the father becomes the son".  It made me think how alike we actually are and I can see myself becoming my dad; and as northerners, we both like our flat caps too!

After helping out at my mums, I dropped Stacy at the station before settling down for a lazy day watching sport.  Everton, currently riding high in the EPL, were to play Arsenal at Goodison.  If we won, we would close the gap and put us in a good position to play in the Champions League next season.  Everton won convincingly 3-0, which made my day.  Then onto F1, and another good result with Brit Lewis Hamilton driving to victory, unfortunately Jenson recorded a DNF.

In the evening we watched Gravity,  and I thought it was a good film, although, if I get the chance to (Richard Branson), I don't think I will be going up after watching that!

Monday was usual, back to work.  Nothing out of the ordinary, just another day in the office, until I got a message from Karyn (she had a day off).  I was in trouble for not telling her about how tired I had been feeling, although she now knew after reading the blog.  This weekend, however, had been much better. I had caught up on some sleep and relaxed.  Although I had been running, it was neither far or fast, and I came clean about that too!  But I suppose tomorrow I will be answering some questions!   I prefer being at work though, just to be around people.  I would rather be here than sat at home alone, and I am fit enough to work,  so why take time off when I don't need too.

Tuesday I have an appointment with Dr Mitchell and hopefully we can try and work out the rest of the treatment plan and get some dates for the surgery.

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