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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Short Working Week

I was only to be due in for Tuesday and Wednesday as Chemo is planned for Thursday.  I was waiting for my mum to jump start my car on Tuesday morning and she arrived and we attached the leads.  Everything was flashing on the dash and the engine wouldn't turn over at all.  I'm not mechanically minded at all and didn't have a clue what to do.  I rang my  insurance but thought it wasn't worth a claim, so I called the local garage who were too busy to pick it up this week.  Thankfully my mum is a lifesaver and offered her car to me for the week.  I got to work late morning but frustrated and unhappy.  Things just aren't going our way at the moment.  I thought on Friday 3 C's were bad enough, Coeliac, Cancer and Chicken Pox, now I had a fourth, the Car.

I couldn't really focus and I had a headache.  I went home but good news had arrived, Mick Mortimer, Leonie's friends partner had offered to have a look at the car on Wednesday.  This was a relief as I thought I would have to get the car picked up, taken to a garage and get it sorted.  There was some good news at work on both Tuesday and Wednesday,  when I arrived both mornings I had gifts on my desk, firstly as it was easter over the weekend, I had a cream egg and box of malteasers (the boys could have the malteasers as I can't eat them) and also another gift.  Rachael Armstrong had bought me a cap since I had lost mine in March.  It's a really good fit too, especially compared to the ones I had tried on recently when I tried to replace it.

On Wednesday morning I had to give blood again to check my levels for Chemo.  I went on the way to work and got in early.  I had seen the blood nurse before and she is a jovial character, although quite rough.  She asked if she had seen me before, I told her it was a couple of weeks ago and she said that she didn't remember my face, but did remember my vein!

I got into work and it was today that I heard about Stephen Sutton.  He is a teenager who had been diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer at 15.  His story is a inspirational one and had hit the news as he had raised over £1 million pounds after his last post. He is in the late stages and is weak, but he has fought hard over the past four years and become an ambassador for Teenage Cancer Trust.  It is now obvious that cancer has become so much of all of our lifestyles; everyone is aware of cancer and cancer has touched them in some way, either knowing someone, having a close relation suffer, or go through the battle themselves.  But most cancers are treatable and manageable if caught earlier enough.  And now it is more relevant than ever, as I assumed cancer is for old people, but it can affect ANYONE, no matter of their age!  And until there is a cure, the focus must be on early diagnosis so it can be treated.   Stephen is raising awareness and funds for early diagnosis of cancer, and support for young people to come to terms with cancer when diagnosed.  He has smashed £1 million, but more importantly he has raised awareness, I urge people to get things checked out, I was lucky it was found by accident,  through diagnosis for coeliacs, but if you have a probelm - see a GP.

While at work Leonie called to say that Mick had sorted the car temporarily,  but it needed a new battery.  He had offered to get one and fit it for us, which is just a absolute godsend!  He would come back Thursday to get it sorted.  I got as much work completed and sorted as possible and left ready for Chemo Number Three.  Hopefully as I haven't had a call I should be having Chemo tomorrow,  and this will start the countdown to surgery.

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