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Sunday, 6 April 2014


Leonie was working on Saturday and I had a day with the boys, another Daddy day.  The morning was relaxed, we didn't get dressed until 10.  We played with lego building cars and rockets, but the boys like making silly people with the wrong bodys and/or legs and making up stories with these new characters.  Oscar has such a vivid imagination and can happily play in his world for hours.  Sid likes Captain America, everything has to be the Captain, before that it was Iron Man and before that it was Superman, whereas Oz has always been a Batman fan.  Today Sid was dressed as Captain America and his new made up lego man was essentially Captain America with Batmans cape.  Over the last couple of weeks Sid has matured a lot, in his speech, vocubulary, awareness and interaction, it really is amazing watching people grow - right in front of your eyes!

After lunch we were going to go shopping, but before we could leave, Stacy arrived.   It was good to have another pair of hands for shopping and we needed it!  Both the boys, after a nice chilled morning, decided to go into meltdown in the shops; at the checkouts there was an audible gasp from quite a few people!  We got the shopping done as quickly as possible before leaving to get home, and once home, the boys went back to normal, playing nicely.  I had arranged for my mum to come over and look after the boys for an hour so Stacy and I could go running.  It's her final week of prep before her marathon debut at London next weekend.   My first marathon was London, it's an awesome race, and although I haven't run abroad (apart from Wales and Scotland!!), no other race comes close for atmosphere.  I have run London twice, and would do again at the drop of a hat, but it is a premium price for a premium race!

I took her a slightly different route to the ones we have been running recently, mainly because it was daylight.  We went down to the river Ribble and through Avenham Park before coming back into Penwortham.  It was humid but nice to run in.  The sun peaked through on the odd occasion but it also rained lightly too.  It was good to get out and reminded me how and why I miss it.  I love the fact I can go out and have some time to think, and look around.  I prefer running south towards Hutton and Longton, but it is safer to run north to Preston, and most of my runs tend to be safe, although sometimes I do treat myself.  We waxed lyrical about running the entire run, explaining our favourite routes and training sessions.   We told each other why we love running and gave a few training tips; I offered a few last minute reminders for next week.

We got back the same time as Leonie and had done just over an hour training.   I felt invigorated and if I was allowed, I would of just continued running, simply because I could.  We got back in and my mum left, we showered and got the boys their tea before Laura arrived for the evening.  Once the boys were in bed we made some of our home made pizzas while Stacy made garlic bread, all GF of course.

The pizzas were delicious and our tea was followed by a few drinks and a night of non-stop laughter.  At some points I thought that I was going to burst or split open I was laughing so much.  It was a hilarious evening, I probably drank too much and went to bed too late, but after the week I had had, this had been the perfect tonic, a good run, made me feel great, not just physically, but mentally too, and then a good evening, spent with good friends.

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