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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Easter Weekend

The weekend was all planned with Leonie going away to Cardiff on a hen weekend, as her friend Beeca is to be married in May, and I was due to have the boys over the weekend with help from Leonie's sister Amanda.  I was hoping to get some of the BBQ built too.  When we woke up though, it all quickly changed as we found that Sidney had Chicken Pox.

Leonie was quite upset as she was determined to stay and look after Sidney.  On the otherhand I insisted that she goes, but first I decided to make sure I was ok to be around Sidney with a weakened immune system.  First I called my mum to make sure I had had chicken pox, I was almost certain I had, but couldn't be sure.  As it turns out my mum couldn't be sure either and although she had my three siblings medical cards, she couldnt find mine, so we agreed that I had had chicken pox at the same time as my twin, Janette.

Next up I rang the oncology helpline and I described the current situation, they advised me to stay away from Sid, and that they would call a specialist and call me back.  After a short period they called and I was to ring and get a pescription for Aciclovir from my GP.  Unfortunately due to the fact it was a bank holiday I had to call the emergency helpline and request the medication.  After a few more calls it was agreed that I had to drive to Chorley to get my pescription and then pick it up from a open pharmacy.  By 11am I felt like I had been up for hours and had finally got my pescription sorted and picked up.  Leonie was due to leave for Cardiff at 1pm so I dropped her off while my in laws looked after the boys.

As I was out in the car I thought it was a good idea to pick up Lee, who was going to give me a hand for the day building the Barbie.  We nipped to get some more sand and cement and got back to start.  It was a nice afternoon and it was good to be outside, plenty of Vitamin D.  Amanda, and Leonie's mum helped out with the boys while me and Lee cracked on.  It seemed to go so fast as Laura turned up around tea time to pick him up, he said he would be back tomorrow and I didn't doubt him, he is just as determined as me and want to see it finished.

We had a slow cooked chicken curry for tea that Leonie had put on before she left for Cardiff, a really good idea and she sure looks after me!  I left my house to sleep at my mums as Sid has a tendancy to climb into our bed and I didn't want to put myself at risk, Amanda was here to help and it was appreciated.  I got to my mums and had a chat before going up to my old room.  It brings back loads of memorys as it was my bedroom from birth to when I left home, and some of my stuff is still in the drawers, like my cub uniform and magazines, pottery work from school and old diaries (which should NEVER be read).  I looked through some of my stuff and thought back over some of the things I had done, proud moments and not so proud moments.

In the morning my mum brought me a coffee to wake me up after a blissful sleep. I got myself up and had some breakfast before going home.  We bathed the boys and painted Sid in calamine lotion before Lee came over, our aim to finish the BBQ.  It wasn't quite as nice today but it was still a good day and we completed what we set out to do, having Lee around is such a help for this type of stuff, another major appreciation for his help.  In the evening we had a really good gammon for tea, and then the same as Good Friday, I went to my mums and had a sleep over in my old room.

Easter sunday morning I watched the F1 in bed at my mums as I felt tired after the two days of "labouring" and then got back to mine late morning.  We all spent a day together with my boys, Amanda and Thomas and Jacqueline and John.  John walked over as training for next week (The Walk in the Dark).  We watched Star Wars Empire Strikes Back.  I really needed some sleep so I went upstairs and led down watching Everton v Man Utd, I managed to stay awake for the first goal (Baines scored a penalty) before falling asleep.  John woke me for a Roast Chicken dinner and I found out that Everton had beaten Man Utd 2-0 to keep the pressure on Arsenal.  Tea was awesome, and then Leonie arrived back from Cardiff.   I stayed for a while and caught up with Leonie but I needed my bed so trotted off to become a lodger at my mums again.  A late night for me, and an early start to get back as Leonie was working.  So far it had been a tiring and sleepy weekend.

I got back to mine after another good nights sleep at my mums (thanks for letting me stay, mum and dad) and Leonie left for work, Amanda and Thomas took her to work and then drove onto meet Paul in Stoke. I was at home with the boys and Margaret Spink and Rob Cross were due to pop over in the morning to drop off the BBQ base and grill, lets hope it fits.  Margaret and Rob had been senior management at XHRS last year and very kindly offered to give me the BBQ, so I was very happy to accept.  They stayed a while and we chatted, they were interested as to how I was coping and told me of their new ventures post XHRS, it was good to catch up.  When they left for egg rolling I ran through the house and checked the size, it fitted perfectly!

In the afternoon we popped over to my sisters house to catch up over a brew.  It was another glorious day so we sat out and chatted while the kids played in the garden.  Shelia had been doing her own garden over the easter break and it was lookin good.  We got home for the boys tea and decided that we would have a takeaway since the boys were in bed.  We ordered it up and I decided I would drive to pick it up as I was being lazy (its a five minute walk).  I got in the car and it wouldn't start.  I hadn't driven it since Friday but it seemed the battery had died.  I called my ever helpful mum and she agreed to come round in the morning to give me a jump start.  Not a good way to finish a productive weekend, but the best thing, was having my wife back home.

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