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Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Trial Continues

On Saturday morning we had a lazy start to the day.  I had planned to go for a walk part way around the Guild Wheel with a couple of guys from work, Brett and Ray.  When I was in training for the ultra run, Ray really helped me in my training by riding with me while I ran and ran ... and ran.  That summer I ran the Guild Wheel twice, 22 miles, and Ray was with me all the way on both occasions offering up words of support while riding his bike, I always thought that he was a good training partner, sitting back when he wanted to, leaving me to my own devices, running, but he was also there to push me on when needed.  He completed the ultra distance with me and Ian, as support on his bike.  That was a day I would never never forget, Ian and I running; Ray, Rob, David, Anthony, Neil, Mike and Lee on their bikes, and I couldn't forget the support from Karyn, Stuart, Maz and Mohammed in the cars.  A fantastic day, and we will experience more great days like his one in the future.  Anyway, to get back to Saturday,  we decided not to go out due to the awful weather.  Britain has been battered by the winter storms and today was looking no different, so we decided to put off the walk for another, drier day, and this meant a lazy morning with the family staying in our PJs for most of the morning.

We were due to have some visitors this weekend, namely my twin sister (no, we're not identical, the clue to that is that we are different genders) who lives in Wiltshire, and Leonie's best friends from back in Reading, Becca and her fiancee Ian.  Janette made it up, but unfortunately due to the weather Becca and Ian couldn't make it.  I picked up Janette from my mums and we went to the supermarket together, before making it back for lunch at ours.  After lunch we all went over to my mums, before I nipped out on my own to see my other sister, Sheila, and brother in law, Dave.  Sheila is a practice nurse and Dave used to work in Pathology at the hospital but is now a lecturer at the university on something sciencey I don't understand.

The reason I went over was to show them the information I was given the previous day regarding the trial.  I had read it through and it all seems pretty straight forward, but I wanted a professionals view, it helps to have someone that knows a thing or two and both She and Dave had been pretty good at providing straight up information and stats about stomach cancer.  Dave had seen the drug previously about five years ago and had been involved in part of an earlier study back when he worked at the hospital.  He showed me some videos and internet articles.  He advised that I should go for the trial, so this really set my mind at ease.  He did say that some of the side affects could be severe, but the chances are minimal, but I should be aware of these.  Having Dave's knowledge is pretty handy, although, his layman's explanation still lost me at some points!

In the evening, Janette came over and we had a few drinks and a good old catch up.  It was good to see Janette, as usually she comes up with her family (she also has two young kids, Arthur amd Alice) but she came up on her own for this visit, which was appreciated as we could spend some time together without the constant interruption of children.  Today was a good day, the boys were great and I saw all of my family at some point or other, absolutly fantastic.

On Sunday,  we had yet another lazy morning, then went to my mum and dads with a chicken and we all had a roast chicken dinner; I watched Everton beat Swansea in the FA cup.  As the weather had improved we all had an afternoon walk to my brothers grave.  My brother David died almost 8 years ago from pneumonia, it was a difficult time for us all as he was only 29 years old and a pretty fit young guy.  Our two boys like to walk to the grave to see Uncle David, it's a nice walk and also near the park.  Me, Leonie, Oscar and Sid, Janette, my mum and dad, Sheila, Dave and their three girls, Amelia, Lottie and Evie all set out as the Penwortham massive.  On the way back, we stopped at the park and went on the swings and climbing frames.  It was cold but sunny, it was a  perfect day, I felt like a kid again and I was with my whole family!

When we got home I had my first bath since the operation last week, and I just led there and soaked up a truely great weekend, if only every day could be like these two days, it's days like this that make you forget about things, and you really appreciate what you have; a loving, caring, close family that ralleys around you and sticks together when the going gets tough.  Apart from talking about the trial with She and Dave, and Janette asking questions, I probably would have forgotten I had cancer, thats why I have really enjoyed this weekend and probably what's been most important, family is normality.

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  1. Good luck and lots of love Dixie & Leonie. What a difficult time but it seems you are coping well, stay positive, you'll get through. xxxxx Lois