Thursday, 27 February 2014

Above Average

Today has been a good day.  First we dropped off the boys with my mum, then we made our way to Manchester, a road trip, just me and Leonie.  Its very rare its just the two of us, so it was good to have some time to ourselves. The journey to Mancheter got a little scary at one point as a women pulled out in front of me TWICE!  Leonie was a little worried but I soon got past her shaking my head as I overtook, I was completly in the right!

We arrived in Manchester with about 20 minutes spare and across the road, Leonie saw one of her favourite shops, so as a treat and completely sacrificing my health, we went into Greggs.  I had an orange juice which was the only thing that could be trusted, Leonie got herself a coffee.  Before finding out I was coeliac, I use to love a bean and cheese pastie, now going into Greggs is like dicing with death!  Leonie wanted to get me a gift card, but I politely declined her offer.

We had our drinks and went into the hospital.  The reception to the Andrology lab is one end of a corridor.  I went through on my own while Leonie waited in the corridor reception.  I sat down and the nurse, Justine, confirmed my details and asked if anyone was with me, I told her my wife was waiting,  Justine explained it would take a while to fill in the paperwork so she could come in and it would also be good for her to hear all the legal stuff so she could understand.  I went back through and called Leonie, her face was shock, she probably thought I was needing her help!  After about 40 minutes filling in all the documents and signing things like "do I agree to be contacted if my sample was chosen to be used for teaching purposes?", Leonie went back into the reception and I was taken through to a room.  I emerged with my sample and as  instructed I coyly handed it over to nurse.  We decided to wait to hear the results of whether is was a good sample to freeze, just in case; I didn't want to come back again before Friday.   They told us it would be a half an hour wait, 15 minutes later we were called back through!

It was a very good sample and Justine explained that it was above average on all counts, quantity, quality and volume.  More than enough actual specimens to freeze, normally no more than 10, but 14 were available from the sample provided.  Usually only about 30%-50% were living in each sample (ie good swimmers) but I hit a healthy 75%.  An average sample would have around 24 million per 1ml, I provided 59 million, a little overcrowded I suspect.  Good job we stopped at two kids, we could of had twins next, just like my parents. My dad explained later that it was inherited, the super fertility!

On the way home, both Leonie and I joked about my super sperm, and then I started to sing my new anthem, the song from the Lego Movie (go watch it!). We picked up Sid and went home for some cock-a-leeki soup!  I went into work with a skip in my step and a smug look over my face, I walked into a round of applause and some cheeky comments, I didn't go red at all!  I was very productive at work and tied up some jobs I really needed to do, which kept me happy. 

We had a quick tea as the Lancashire Evening Post photographer was coming over.  When she arrived she looked a bit wild, but she was really friendly and took loads of shots.  She was quick and very quirky, and she loved my DVD collection!

As far as things go at the moment, a pretty good day, and as my mum said earlier, a bit of a morale booster!

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