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Monday, 24 February 2014

Everything is Awesome!

Early Saturday morning the boys came into our bed, it was about 5.15am.  We went back to sleep but still woke up early and all had a cuddle.  The boys asked what we were planning to do that day, so we explained about the church fair.  Leonie told them that it was to raise money for the hospital to help daddy get better.  Oscar immediately said he wanted to help and raise lots of money to help people (chip off the old block).  Sidney went further and said he could help daddy get better, he had "doctor things to help daddy get better!"

We went to the church and played a few games for the boys, and they won plenty of sweets and chocolates.  It was so busy, which is really good, but there were people everywhere in the hall.  We spoke briefly to Norma, Steve's wife, and she was happy to see so many people out.  All the stall attendants had the Rosemere t-shirts, showing their support, some had been affected by cancer much like Norma.  Norma is such a positive person, its hard not be infected by her bubbly nature, she is like a whirlwind, but a good one, so happy with life!

We dropped my mum off at my sisters and came home for some lunch.  Leonie's mum and dad, Amanda, Paul and their boys all came over; our boys love seeing and playing with their two.  It was a relaxed afternoon.  In the evening we watched a bit of TV and chilled out.

On Sunday morning it was a slow start, but I was excited.  We were planning to take the boys on their first ever cinema trip to see the Lego Movie.  Oscar, Sid and myself all love lego, and batman, and a film of this would be great, also the added excitement of their first trip.  We were the first ones there and the cinema was almost empty.  The boys loved it, but I think both me and Leonie were the most excited!  After the film we did a bit of shopping and then chores and then playstation in the afternoon, along with homework for the kids.  I fell asleep in the bath, its getting a regular occurrence this, better get used to it a bit I suppose. 

Our friends, Zoe and Laura came over and the boys were a little giddy, but good going to bed.  Zoe and Laura have been great since we found out and its good to just simply chew the fat with them and catch up on the weeks events, we all get along so well that its nice to talk and put the world to rights sometimes!

Another week at work and I should find out about the chemo.  I need to go to Manchester for a trip, but chemo is looming!  The more I think about it the more nervous I get.  All this week, I have wanted to get started on the treatmemt, but I really don't know what to expect.  Its this unknowing I don't like.  All my challenges that I have undertaken, I have known the risks, but also known more or less how my body would react.  I have trained for it; running, cycling and dismally swimming, but I know how to run!  This is unknown territory and I don't know what to expect.  I have great support in my friends and family and we can beat this, this is just another challenge!

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