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Friday, 28 February 2014

Chemo Eve

After all the fun of Wednesday,  I worked a full day on Thursday, making sure everything was completed that needed to be, signing things off and generally completing as much as possible.  It was a pretty productive day considering.  Bet Karyn and DOK are pleased I have done some work for a change!

I had my 121 in the afternoon, and Karyn kept it as official as possible, although much of the time was spent talking about the inevitable, looming treatment that is due to start tomorrow.  Karyn has been so supportive, and her words of support are really genuine and I can guarantee that they are fully appreciated by both Leonie and myself, more so now as the nerves increase and the anxiety builds.  Not only does Karyn mother me at work (I don't have a problem with this as I am a self confessed mothers boy, as my mum would confirm if asked about it!) But Karyn is also in touch with Leonie, something which Leonie also appreciates, as they can talk honestly to each other, even if I can't, so unfortnuately I can't hide any secrets from anyone!

After taking some time to leave work (everybody was wishing me luck, I have never been so popular) I went home, picking up Sidney and Leonie on the way.  Oscar had been sent home from school as he had fallen at lunch, cutting both his knees and his nose, talk about hogging the limelight,  takes after his dad.

We had planned for Laura, Zoe and Bobby to pop over for the evening before chemo started, mainly to keep me relaxed I suppose. But I spent much of the evening on the phone, to my two sisters, brother-in-law and my mum.  My sisters, Sheila and Janette, couldn't have been better.  Janette lives miles away in Wiltshire, but I know she would be here if she could be, and she is probably more worried than me, but then again, thats the role of my twin!  Sheila, has gratefully agreed to take Sid to playgroup tomorrow, giving us a little extra time, it's the little things that help, really help!

So after a bit of socialising, an early night, in preparation for Chemo Day tomorrow,  something to look forward too!

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