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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Growing Old

Yesterday was very relaxing and I got to have my first shower since last weeks operation.  Since last Thursday I have been washing in the bathroom sink, which isn't the best, but yesterday I managed to get in the shower and my god I had missed it.  I stood there and it seemed like washing away so many troubles, how therapeutic!  It is truely amazing the power of a shower (I love it how the Welsh would say that, elongating the vowels, just imagine that!).  I was now able to change my dressings and have a look at my new scars, or so I thought, but a couple more days waiting and the big reveal would happen.

Then after my extended stay in the shower my boss came over for a visit.  She brought with her a card signed by loads of my colleagues,  a bunch of flowers for Leonie and some Superman socks to match my dressing gown.  All of this put a smile on my face, and it was good to catch up.  The afternoon was filled with watching the winter Olympics curling, never the most entertaining of sports!

Today was a bit more action packed.  After getting the boys ready for school and nursery, my mum drove both me and Sidney to Fulwood,  where we dropped Sid at nursery.  We then went to work and my mum left me, while I simply intended to say hi to a couple of folks.  I arrived about 10am, when I walked in Karen on reception told me how everyone had been reading my blog, I wanted the ground to swallow me up as I felt a little embarrassed, but to you all who are reading it, thank you, please continue to do so and leave a message to say hi if you want.

I had a quick catch up with the team, checking to see if everyone was alright and all was well, then a chat with Karyn.  I wanted to see HR, and managed to squeeze this in before lunch.  I then checked through my drawers, as I knew there were some things I needed to pick up.  After seeing a few more guys and people offering their support, I was starting to become emotional with everybodies kind words.  A quick bite to eat before my friend Ian came over for a chat.  Ian and I ran 32 miles from BBC Manchester (Salford) to Fulwood for charity a couple of years back and we were joking, although we both knew we fully intend to do this, about running coast to coast when I was fit again.  I also knew that Ian too had been diagnosed with cancer some years earlier. Soon the conversation turned to cancer and we ended up having a really good chat about it for some time (most of the afternoon).  I didn't expect to be at work so long, but it was really good to talk to my friends at work, but also even better to speak with Ian who had been through somethig similar and could openly speak about it with me and vice versa.  I really wasn't prepared for the amount of support and to see how people really cared, or how cancer had touched so many people either directly, family members or friends, and I was happy to hear so many positive stories, although some were not so positive, but I took something away from each one, and it makes you want to fight so much harder for each and every one of them, not just for yourself.

I was dropped off home just after 3pm (almost a full day at work) and then walked over to my sisters house to pick up Oscar, and we chatted for some time, about what was going on and our parents,  who we both worry about, cancer doesn't just affect one person, it affects so many more, and although people are concerned about me, I in turn am concerned about my wife, kids, mum and dad and all of my family.

When Oscar and I got home, I just had time to put tea on before, Leonie and Sid arrived, normality resumed until probably the most unfortunate part of my day.  I checked myself in the bathroom mirror and thought I had missed a rather large whisker when I shaved, upon pulling it I noticed it wasn't from my cheek, but my ear, this now really does mean I'm getting old ...

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