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Monday, 3 February 2014

So I have Cancer!

It is Monday the 3rd February 2014 and on Friday 31st January, after months of tests for what I thought was simply coeliacs disease, I was diagnosed with stomach cancer.  Back in December 2013, there was an initial scare but the first biopsies came back as clear for a tumor that was found in the stomach.

It seems strange as only 18 months ago I completed my first ultra run, 32 miles. I have been running for years, completing everything from 5k to marathons and had recently stepped my training up to include triathlons and ultra distances - i'm 33 and fighting fit, so why me?

Ok, to tell the whole truth, I am a smoker, but this is/was my only vice, I gave up this morning!

So stomach cancer, not a good cancer to have, but I do have general health, fitness and age on my side.  This weekend has been ok, and my family and friends have been around which is good.  Today I saw my GP and got my free pescriptions (silver linings) for my coeliacs diet and also nicorette patches, need to get some vitamin D and iron sorted though.  I also booked a pnuemoccocial vaccination for next week as us coeliacs have a higher risk at catching these bugs (this is good, just when i'm getting ready for chemo!).

I also went back to school and spent some time in the headmistresses office to advise her of my current situation, just in case our oldest son who is in reception class got upset or overwhlemed.  We told both our son's, Oscar (5) and Sidney (3), but at their ages, some of it was understood, most of it not, but my god it was difficult telling them!

The rest of the week is pretty busy, onocolgy, investigative operations and the like, but tomorrow I tell my work, which i'm not looking forward to?

Its been a bit of a shock this weekend, but you have got to be realistic with these things, I have cancer, lets get on with the management of it, and get it out, then move on.  If the worst possible outcome is diagnosed after this weeks operation and staging, well so be it, but i'm not thinking of that yet, let me understand that I have cancer first before you take away my immortallity status!

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