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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Dead Arms

5This is now the fifh time I have tried to write this blog entry, the battery ran out and then my fat fingers happened, it doesn't help that the page back button is right next to the space bar (must make note for future reference).  Lets hope this version is as good, if not better, than the previous four versions...

On Wednesday morning it started with a trip to the GP for my pnemococcal vaccination.  This was advised by Dr Sharma, a coeliac doctor at the hospital.  The nurse at the GPs was a little reluctant to give it to me, but as soon as I mentioned my cancer, I think she would have given me anything I asked for.  Having another "noodle" (Sid's name for needles) isn't a problem, as I am now a professional blood giver after he last couple of weeks.  The nurse mentioned that I may have a sore arm as a side affect, something I brushed aside as I was more concermed about making my next appointment at the hospital across town.

As I can now drive without any pain, I drove myself to the hospital.  I arrived early and had chance to read part of a magazine before being ushered into see the dietician.  She was a very nice, young, blonde, Irish doctor.  We discussed my current situation and she praised my positive outlook all things considered.  She was pleased that I had had my vaccinations, arranged my pescriptions for iron and vitamin D and also that I had already started my coeliac diet.  I think she was a little put out that I "had left her nothig to do", but then she was pleased to find she could advise me about increasing my calcium, and almost jumping out her chair when I asked I she could pescribe it as increasing my intake during this period could be difficult (I need to double my daily intake).  Its funny that you would not expect to go and see a dietician with he outcome and advice to eat more and more fequently.  I did ask about my weight and energy levels but she said these would be monitored and reviewed once I had been on the coeliac diet a little longer, but again she was shocked and pleased that during all of this I had managed to put on a kilo!  She told me to go back and see her in three months, not a problem, and that was that.

The afternoon was a little more relaxed, the Lancashire Evening Post called to ask if I could be interviewed, they had read the blog and found it inspriational, but I see it as me just writing things down that I do or think about, if people find it inspirational well thats a bonus.  What I find inspirational is the amount of people who have offered support,  shown that they care.  This is inspiraional for me during my fight against cancer, and makes me more determined, so in a way we all help each other.  I will take this with me, into the next phase of my life.  To be more supportive and caring toward the people I love.  I hope not to be so judgemental aswell as you don't know what is going on with people unless you speak with them, and sometimes not even then, unless you are like me, someone who likes to talk.  I want people to be able to open up, people should listen and sometimes, thats all that is needed.  Someone said to me that cancer changes you to become a better person, more caring, I hope so!

In the evening on Wednesday our friend Louise came over with her daughter and the kids played while she cooked Leonie and me an awesome dinner, Louise can come back anytime!  It was good to catch up as we hadn't seen her since the news broke.  During the day my arm had progressively got more sore, until the point when we went to bed and I could hardly lift my arm, point taken listen to the nurse!

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  1. Karyn here.......You little bugger! you should have told me about your arm... - mind you I guess you knew I would have said "Don't you dare come into work if you're in pain" - I must remember you really are one of my work sons, only telling me what I need to hear! lol... I'll remember that next time.
    I guess people do change when they get diagnosed with cancer, I don't think you anticipate the ripple effect - but people love you and love your family, we all class ourselves as part of your extended family, that includes your work family. You will hear it over and over again, we are here for you, lend on us when you need to, vent when you need to, shout when you need to, do what ever you need to, we will try to keep you grounded, and we will not change the way we are with you, that goes for the inappropriate comments lol - I don't think you would want it any other way... oh by the way inappropriate comments works both way, just like your labeling of your food in the fridge.. how to make people feel guilty!!!