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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Trip to Wales

We tried to get an early start on Sunday to get the most time in Wales, due to my tiredness this happened to be 10.30 which was early enough for me.  We arrived in Wales around lunch time and met up with Ema and Dan.  Our friends Gemma and Sam and their two kids, Jessica and Jack, were due to come over too.  It was like a big reunion as we all went to uni together and it was great to see them all.  I miss these guys and wished they lived nearer but Llandudno isn't too far away I suppose.  Throughout this year both Ema and Dan have been great, even though they live a distance away from us,  a week doesn't go by without some comminication between us. 

We decided to walk along the prom to get the kids out and although it was a liytle drizzly (but very windy!).  We walked down the historic pier and ended up in a new ice cream parlour called The Looking Glass.  It was delicious and they make their own flavours to order, highly recommended. 

We made our way back to Ema and Dans and had an evening of drinking and fun.  After a lie in the next day was much better weather wise and decided to go to the beach again.  We walked along the pebbles looking for crabs and shells and enjoyed the sunshine.  Later we went for some lunch before making our way back to Preston.

Even though it was only one night away, it was a good break and we all enjoyed the time away from home.  I had been feeling so tired before going but the sea air made me feel refreshed and energized.  I like going to North Wales,  its a slower pace of life and sometimes it's needed to just recharge.

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