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Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Welsh Invade

I called the doctor when I got up on Saturday about my painful mouth and got a prescription for some medication.  I had to drive to Euxton to pick it up so combined that with a quick shopping trip to get a few bits.  I treated the boys to a present of a lego plane for being so well behaved over the last couple of weeks, they really have been great and not pushed to far.

Once we were home I settled down for an afternoon of football as the Premier League started today.  Everton were playing away to Leicester and I hoped we could start the season with a win, all was going well with Everton winning 2-1 until Leicester got an equaliser in the 86th minute, gutted!

Shortly afterwards Gemma, Sam, Jessica and Jack arrived and they were soon followed by Ema and Dan.  We had planned to make a Chinese for everyone.  I really miss Chinese takeaways.  I can't eat them as they have soy sauce which I can't eat on my Coeliac diet.  I had bought some GF soy sauce and duck.  My sous chef, Sam, and I did a good job and we had shredded duck with sweet chilli sauce, prawns and duck with sweet and sour and all with egg fried rice, I loved it as did everyone else.  This was followed up with my version of an Eton Mess, delicious.

We had a few drinks and played a few games, an angry version of pictionary - girls v boys,  I think the boys won and we didn't cheat!

After a cooked breakfast Gemma and Sam left to see some family so we took Ema and Dan to Owd Nells to have lunch, my choice was a little spicy but very nice, vegetable Thai curry.  We then changed a flat tyre on Ema and Dans car as a screw had found its way into the tread and then sent them on their way home as we went to get a couple more fish for our tank.  This takes our fish school to 9.

Later in the afternoon we chilled out after a busy couple of days and Leonie began her revision for her driving theory test for later in the week.

My tooth was still hurting and it was painful to eat.  The days are still tiring for me and sometimes its hard work looking after the kids but at least I'm on the mend, even if its a slow process, it's better than the alternative and I have to keep reminding myself of this when I have a bad day.

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